TCSI Learners and Courses

All VET Student Loan (VSL) and Higher Education providers that are approved under the TCSI reporting scheme are required to report data for their TCSI Data Collection obligations.

Once your initial configuration is complete, you will then be ready to start processing learners into TCSI specific courses.

This Help Centre article serves to demonstrate the process required to begin entering your TCSI-specific learner data.

If you would like this feature enabled please contact your Client Success Manager.


How do I flag a Party record to be TCSI relevant?

In order for an individual/student to be reported for TCSI Data Collection, they will require some unique information to be entered into their Party Record.

  • Start by either Creating a New Party Record or Selecting an Existing Party Record.
To Create a New Party Record:
To Access existing Party Records:
  • Once the  Party Record  has been accessed, click on the Compliance option on the left hand side, follow by the Fee-Help menu item.


  • You will notice that Eligibility is set to No. That will change once you enter all the required details. 
  • Click, Edit.


  • Enter all the required TCSI specific details and click on  Save.


  • Once you  Save  all the details you can see that the Eligibility  has changed from No to Yes.



Once you have created the Individual/Student Party Record and entered the appropriate information you can now enrol this  Party  into a TCSI Ready Course.


How do I create a TCSI ready Course?

As part of your TCSI training delivery, students will need to enrol into a TCSI ready course. This course will require unique TCSI information to be recorded within it at the time of creation.

  • To start, click on the Courses tab in the top navigation bar and select Add New Course.


  • Search for a specific Course and press the Create button.


  • Confirm the details of the Course you intend to make use of and press Next


  • Enter all the relevant Course information/details


  • Select a State/Region - this will allow further selections to be made for TCSI relevant details


  • Tick the Units of Study box - this will allow you to set the Units of Study Outcome


  • For VET specific details - In the Claims & Funding section, tick the VET Student Loans box


  • For Higher ED details, ensure that the Fee-Help box is ticked like so


  • Once all relevant information has been entered, click on Create


  • Once created, the new Course will be displayed


  • To manage Units of Study, select the menu item to the left under the Course heading


  • This will display the associated Units of Study - You can then click on Edit to set additional details for these items


  • Enter/amend any of the following details as required and click on Save.
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Census Date
    • Starts After
    • Duration
    • Census Starts After
Note: Census Starts After details can be configured by following steps within the System TCSI Initial Setup article



You have now successfully created a TCSI-ready Course.

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