Process: Conclude an Enrolment

To accurately report on which student Enrolment Records are Active vs. Inactive, you must appropriately manage the Enrolment Status for each record.

This article will show you how to conclude (complete) an existing (Active) enrolment within the system, and assumes that the student's enrolment records units have already been graded and the Certificate/Statement of Attainment issued. 


Conclude an Enrolment

To conclude/complete an Enrolment, follow these steps:

  • Go to the student's Enrolment Record you wish to Conclude
  • If you are not there already, go to the Enrolment Details page.
  • Click the button.


  • Change the Enrolment Status to Completed and apply an End Date


*Note - If the Enrolment End Date is in the future, the enrolment will continue to flag as Active until the Enrolment End Date is reached.

  • Click, Save

You have now successfully concluded an Enrolment Record. 

The easiest way to confirm whether the Enrolment Record was successfully concluded is to view the Enrolments header in the left-hand menu. If completed, the Enrolments number should change from 1/0 to 0/1. 


Active Enrolment Example



Inactive Enrolment Example



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