Process: Add a User

A user can log in to the Student Management System and is responsible for administering and managing the system's data. For example, Administrators, Academics (Trainers/Assessors), Marketing Managers, Compliance Managers, and Finance Managers.


We do not recommend sharing user access between multiple individuals. This ensures that all changes and updates within the system can be appropriately logged and tracked. 


Add a User

To add a New User, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationSecurityUsers
  • Click the [+ New] button.
  • To add a User, a Party record must first exist.Choose whether to:
    • Search for an Existing Party Record,
    • Create a New Party Record.


  • Complete the New User Window


  1. User ID - This value must be unique and will be the user's username. Organisations typically use an individuals email address. 
  2. Enabled - By default, the system will check this box. If checked, the user can access the system. 
  3. Academic - If checked, the Available Roles list below will change from Administrative Roles to Academic Roles limiting their access to the system and its data. 
  4. Password - Set a unique, temporary password for the new user. On the first login, the system will prompt the user to change their password. Clicking on the Reset button will send a password reset email to the user. 
  5. Start Date - This determines from which date the user can access the platform. It acts as a record-keeping for when a User is provided with access.
  6. End Date - This determines from which date the user can no longer access the platform. It acts as a record-keeping for when a Users access is revoked. Leave this field blank if it is indefinite.
  7. Access Level - An Access Levels impacts whether a User can make adjustments to another User.
    For example, if the user is a Level 1, they can adjust the roles and permissions for Level 1, 2, and 3. However, if the user is a Level 3, they can only change the privileges of other Level 3 users. 
  • Check an Available Role. You can select more than one if needed.


  • Click, Save

You have now added a new User. 

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