Process: Add an Image

There will be times when the system asks for you to select an image from a repository of previously loaded images. If that image does not already exist in your system, you may be required to add a new image. 

For Example

When editing the branding preferences for your site, it is not possible to upload a new image. You will be required to select from a list of available images. If it does not yet exist, you will need to add the Image before updating the branding of your site.



Add an Image

To add a new image, follow these steps:

  • Go to Administration → Templates → Images.
  • Click, + New
  • Complete the Image New window.


  1. Name - Add a unique name to make it easier to find later on. Valid characters are letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and underscore (_). The name must start with a letter. You cannot use spaces or hyphens. 
  2. Description - Add a description to describe the image and its purpose.
  3. Image - Browse your computer and select an image that will be used later on. Acceptable file types include jpg, jpeg, gif, png. For the best experience, we recommend uploading an image with a transparent background. 
  • Click, Create

You have now added a new Image to your system.

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