Tags Overview

Tags make it possible to easily sort through various records such as parties, courses, groups, leads, services. These attributes allow you to quickly search, filter and report on information that matters most to your institution. 

For Example

You could have a set of tags that make it easy to identify and report upon students at risk. These tags would be set up to only be available to be tagged against a Party Record. Note the At-Risk tag against the Party Record in the image to the left.



How to Add a Tag

To add a Tag, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationLookupsTags.
  • Click, + New.


  • Complete the New Tag window. 


  1. Name - Provide a unique name for the tag the can be easily searched and identified later on.
  2. Colour - Choose a colour from the list provided.
  3. Enabled for - This determines where this tag can be searched and applied. For example; if this tag is used to identify a student at risk, you would select the Party checkbox.
  • Click, Save

You have now added a Tag. 


How to Edit a Tag

To edit a Tag, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationLookupsTags.


  1. Record - This shows you which records the Tags can be applied to.
  2. Actions - Use the Pen Icon to edit the tag. The Bin Icon can be used to delete the Tag from the system.
  • Click, Edit Icon next to the Tag you wish to edit. 
  • Make any required changes. 
  • Click, Save

You have now edited an existing Tag. 

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