Process: Add/Edit a Location

Locations are used to tag delivery locations for each Course offering. It is mandatory to identify locations for State and Federal Reporting. We generally recommend that a new Location is added for each postcode.

When getting started, it is vital that you pre-load all of your delivery locations into the System so that they are available when adding a new Course or Event.


Add a Location

To add a Location, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationLookupsLocations/Facilities.
  • Click, + Icon. 


  • Complete the Details window.


  1. Name - Add a unique yet descriptive name to the Location to search for it later on.
  2. Description - Add a short note describing the Location.
  3. Location Contact Number - Add a Contact Number for the Location. This field could be for the Primary Contact of that Location or the general office line.
  4. Brand - Select an available Brand option from the dropdown list. 
  5. Location Information - You can use this space to create a more detailed description of the Location—for example, any capacity limitations, available equipment, etc. 
  6. Address - This is the physical address of the Location. By default, this field uses an Address Lookup feature, which will make recommendations as you start to type. Should the address be unavailable, you have the option to enter the Location manually. 
  7. Country - Select the Country that matches the physical address.
  8. Available From and To - Applying dates will determine whether the Location is available for use. Leaving it blank will make it generally available. 
  • Complete the Settings window.


  1. Enabled - Use the Enabled checkbox to determine whether the Location is active and available for use
  2. Claim Loading - Assign a Claim Loading type to a Location. 
  3. VET Student Loans/Fee-Help - If checked, this Location offers VET Student Loans/Fee-Help Courses. 


  • Complete the Contact window.

The window makes it possible to assign a Primary Contact to a Location. Alternatively, you can search and apply an existing Employer Party Record. If an Employer is selected, the System will automatically use the Employer's listed Primary Contact. 


  • Complete the Sublocations window. 

This window makes it possible to add a Sublocation/s. This field references previously created Locations. For example, the Location could be a Tafe Campus, but the sublocation could be a specific building within the campus. 


  • Complete the Rooms window. 

This window makes it possible to add a Room/s. For example, your Location may be the Tafe Campus, your Sublocation is Building A, and the Room is 2.5. 

Rooms are used to define a Location further when creating a new Event. 


  • Click, Create

You have now added a Location. 


Edit a Location

To edit a Location, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationLookupsLocations/Facilities.
  • Click, Edit Icon next to the Location you wish to edit. 


  • Make any required changes. 


  • Click, Save.

You have now edited an existing Location.


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