Course Application Overview

When a student submits a Course Form, to enrol into a Course, it creates a Course Application that can be reviewed and processed by the administrative team.


View the List of Course Applications

You can access the submitted Course Applications by clicking the Courses tab and then selecting the Applications option from the dropdown. 

Depending on your Personal Preferences, you will either see a List or Kanban View. 

Kanban View


List View



View an Individual Course Application

  • To view an individual Course Application, click on the Application ID

Kanban View


List View



Individual Course Application


  1. Edit - To make changes, or adjust any items on this window, click the Edit button.
  2. Enrol - When the Student is ready to be Enrolled, select Enrol. This will take you to the Enrolment Wizard to finalise the Students Enrolment.
  3. Offer/Express Offer - If your institution requires that you provide a Student with a formal Offer, you can select these options. Offer will require you to go through the Offer Wizard, whereas Express Offer skips the Offer Wizard and takes you straight to the end of the Offer process.
  4. Applicant Window - This shows the Applications Full Name and Party ID. By clicking on the Applicant's Full Name it will take you to their Party Record.
  5. Application Window - This shows the Application ID , Offer Number, and the Status of the Application. You can, if you wish, edit the Status in this window.
  6. People- This shows which User is currently Assigned to the Application and whether there is an associated Employer or Agent.
    Note: When an enrolment is linked to an application, and an agent has been set against that application, then you must first remove the agent from the application before you will be able to remove the agent from the enrolment.
  7. Course - This shows the Course that the student has applied to, as well as the Location and Study Mode of the selected Course
  8. Admin - This shows the time and date of when the Application was Created On. If an offer is sent to the Student, and they accept the offer, the time/date of acceptance will be displayed here.


Forms Tab

The Forms tab shows the Students submitted responses to the questions in the Course Application Form. 



Entry Requirements Tab

The Entry Requirements tab allows you to check and confirm that a student meets all of the conditions of entry into their chosen Course

Each item can be checked, as well as a Note made against each criterion. 



Communications Tab

The Communications tab make it possible to send the Student a (1) Pre-Templated Email, and (2) Custom Email. This tab can also be used to produce a Letter. 



Notes Tab

Add a Note or Checklist to the Party Record without having to leave the page.



Documents Tab

You can upload New Documents to the Party Record without having to leave the page. You can also view pre-existing documents that exist against the Party and see any documentation that was uploaded and submitted as part of their application. 



Interview Tab

The Interview tab lets you Create an Event, that will be added to the Students Timetable. The User/s conducting the Interview can also be added to the Event so that it appears on their calendar.

As the User conducting the Interview, you can mark the Student's Attendance and Rate the Interview.



Progress Tab

The Progress tab makes it possible to see the history of changes/updates made to the Application Form. 


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