Introducing AVETMISS 8

AVETMISS 8 is the new release to the AVETMISS Standard which applies to all VET training activities from January 1st, 2018.

While you can access and download an overview of the changes and document detailing the specifics of the changes directly from the NCVER website, we have put this resource page together for you to get an overview and, an understanding of how we are incorporating these changes in our Student Management System. 


New Outcomes

A number of new Values have been added to Dropdown lists and new Validations on Fields. See the table below for more information.

AVETMISS Outcome Code Description

Incomplete Due to RTO Closure

Incomplete due to RTO closure is reported when the training organisation ceases operations while training activity is still in progress.


Not Yet Started

This code is to be used when a client has enrolled in a subject but has not yet commenced the training activity in the subject.


New Fields

There are a number of new Fields, some of which are already collected in our Student Management System. All new fields have been added or updated as required. 

The new Fields that we have added/updated are further explained in the table below:

# Field Names Field Description Applicable State Reported In Field Location
1 Survey Status Survey contact status identifies reasons to exclude clients from the Student Outcomes Survey and other communications. All States Required in NAT80 Profile > Enrolment > Claims/Funding > Survey Contact Status
3 Parchment Number Contains the recorded number on a certificate for a qualification or course which is issued for the completion of a program by a student. All States Required in NAT130 Enrolment > Certificates > Document Number 
4 Delivery Mode AV8 For AVETMISS 8 Delivery mode requirements and format has changed. New codes have been updated with year 2018 for easy identification. All States, except WA Required in NAT120 Course > Details > Settings > Delivery Mode
5 Delivery Mode Predominant Predominant delivery mode identifies which of the modes available in combination in the Delivery mode identifier field is the largest or only component of delivery for subject activity. All States, except WA Required in NAT120 Course > Details > State Specific Data > Delivery Mode Predominant


Additional Files

  • NAT00010A Training Organisation File - National VET Collection supplement for information — for reporting non-registered training organisation data.
  • NAT00030A Program File - in National VET Collection supplement for information — for reporting locally recognised programs.

Please note - The system will automatically choose required files for both National and State-specific reporting. A manual override option is available in case you need to produce a specific file (e.g NAT 10 or 10A).

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