Process: Add/Edit a Course Application Status

A Course Application Status is used to further define the state of the Students Course Application either in the Applications List View or within the Kanban Board.

You can colour code each Status to make it easier to visually identify the Application/s state and link a pre-created Email Template that the system can automate.

For Example

Per the screenshot below, you may choose to have an Application Incomplete column. However, the Course Application Status makes it possible to define further why it is incomplete.

Under the Application Incomplete column header, we have created the following Course Application Statuses:

  • Missing - Proof of Citizenship
  • Missing - Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Missing - Proof of Residence

Therefore, should a Student be added to the Application Incomplete column and a Missing - Proof of Citizenship status chosen, I can choose to send the automated Email Template that I had previously connected to the Status. 

Kanban Board Example - The Course Application Statuses are highlighted below.


Course Application Status Example - When a Course Application is dragged into a new column, you have the ability to choose the Application Status, Set an Assignee, and send have the system automatically send the Email Template associated with the selected Status. 



Add a Course Application Status

To Add a Course Application Status, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the Administration tab. 
  • Select Lookups and then Course Applications Setup.
  • To add a new Course Application Status, click on the '+' button.


  • Complete the Course Application Status > New fields.

Status Window


  1. Name - Give the Status a unique name. This is what will be displayed on the Student's Course Application.
  2. Colour - Choose a colour from the available list of colours.
  3. Kanban Status - Choose the Kanban Status of which to associate the Course Application Status. When you drag the application into a new column, it will only show the associate Course Application Status that have been attached. If the Kanban Status dropdowns are not correct, you may not have yet set up your Kanban Status columns.
  4. Default Email Template - When a Status is applied to a Course Application, you can choose to have the system create and send a pre-created Email Template. This dropdown will include a list of pre-created Email Templates. You may need to create the Email Templates before your selection is available.
  5. Require Reason - This field is typically used in the final Kanban column. In this case, the Application Close column. For example, A student may choose to Withdraw their Course Application. The Course Application Status may be Withdrawn, but that does not provide the institution with much information around why they chose to withdraw their Course Application. When Require Reason is checked, you will then have the ability to define a set of custom reasons. For example, Change of Mind, Too Expensive, Went to a Competitor.


    Reasons Window



  6. Duplicate Status - When checked, this Status will automatically apply to Course Applications when the application is recognised by the system as a Duplicate.
  7. Offer Accepted Status - Once the Offer has been accepted, the Status for the Application will be updated with status if checked.
  8. Enabled - This box is used to Enable/Disable a status. If you want to use this Status, check this box. To archive, you can uncheck the box.


Email Templates Window

If you do not wish to use a Default Email Template across all Locations, this window allows you to define the Email Template per Course Location further. 

An institution may choose to do this if they are required to deliver specific information to a student, which is in line with a state-based Funding Contract. 


  • Click, Save

You have now added a Course Application Status.


Edit a Course Application Status

To Edit a Course Application Status, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the Administration tab. 
  • Select Lookups and then Course Applications Setup.
  • Find the Course Application Status you wish to edit. 


    1. Edit - The Pen Icon can be used to edit the settings of the existing Course Application Status.
    2. Delete - The Trash Icon can be used to delete the Kanban Status.
  • Click, Save.

You have now edited a Course Application Status.

Please Note

It is not always possible to Delete a Course Application Status. This is because the Default System Course Application Statuses can not be deleted. If you do not wish to use this Status, simple Disable the Status by unchecking the Enabled box within that Statuses settings.

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