Process: Add/Edit a Feedback Form

Our system makes it easy to add and customise Feedback Forms, making it possible to gather and store feedback from learners at each stage of their journey. In this article, we will cover how to add a new Feedback Form and edit an existing Feedback Form.


Add a New Feedback Form

To Add a new Feedback Form, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationFormsFeedback Forms
  • Click the + Icon Button.


  • Complete the Details and Settings windows.


  1. Name - Add a unique yet descriptive title for your Form. This name is visible to students.
  2. Category - Choose a Form Category. By default, the categories available are Enrolment, Feedback, Finance, General and Service. You can add new categories, go to the Reference Data Table and search Form Category. 
  3. Branding - Choose a Brand to apply to the Form from the dropdown. To add a new Brand, go to Administration → Configuration → Branding.
  4. Assignee - Choose whether to assign a system user to the Feedback Form. That way, when a student submits a response, the assignee, by default, will be applied to that Form. 
  5. URL - The system automatically generates this. It will be used, by the system, to take the students to a unique version of the Feedback Form. You can edit the number to be a string or number value of your choosing, but you cannot change the remainder of the URL.
  6. Enabled - To use this form, ensure the Enabled box is checked. Otherwise, this Form will not be available for use in other areas of the platform. 
  7. Add to all Host Families - If enabled, all Host Families in your system will have this Form added to their Party Record by default, without requiring the user to add this against every record upon creation manually. 
  8. Allow Party Entity Data Import - As well as being a valuable tool to gather feedback, Feedback Forms also allow you to gather more information that can be automatically added against a Party Record. If enabled, this will enable the data to input against the Party Entity Data fields to import against their Party Record automatically.

    For example, suppose you didn't have any AVETMISS information gathered on the student. In that case, you could set up a feedback form with the explicit purpose of gathering this information and have it automatically update the Party Record saving you time.

  9. Allow Saving - If Allow Saving is enabled, a student can save the Form and submit it later. When disabled, the student must complete the feedback form in one session by clicking the Submit button.
  10. Save Expires After (h) - If Allow Saving is enabled, this is an additional setting that allows you to dictate how long after the student has saved the Form, that the Form will expire. The default value is blank, meaning that the Form will never expire.
  11. Link: Enrolments/Services - This setting allows the feedback provider to select from their Enrolments / Services list when completing the Feedback Form. This is useful when the feedback provider wishes to provide feedback on a specific Course Enrolment or Service. 
  12. Make Available for all Employers - If enabled, this Feedback Form will be available to apply against an Employer Record. 
  13. Make Available for all Individuals - If enabled, this Feedback Form will be available to apply against all Party Records (including Companies). 
  14. Publish to Student Portal - If checked, this Feedback Form will be available to students to complete at their discretion via the Student Portal. This saves a user from having to send the Feedback Form to the student manually. Submitted responses will be automatically stored against the Party's Record for future reference. 
  • Click, Save.

You have now added a new Feedback Form.

Now that you've configured the Forms settings, it is time to build your Feedback Form. Learn more about the Form Builder here


Editing an Existing Feedback Form

To Edit an existing Feedback Form in your system, follow the below instructions:

  • Go to AdministrationFormsFeedback Forms
  • Click the EditIcon.
    • To edit the Web Form, click this Icon.
    • To edit the Form Settings, click this Icon.
  • Make any required changes. 
  • Click, Save

You have now edited an existing Feedback Form.

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