Process: Add an Email Template for a Course Application Status

When using the Course Application Status feature, it is possible to associate an Email Template so that when the Status is applied to a Students Course Application, the system will then automate the sending, of this Email Template, to the Student. 

Please Note

When using this guide to Create an Email Template, you create an Email Template that can only be accessed and applied to a Course Application Status. This Email Template will not be available for general use in other areas of the system. 


How to Create an Email Template

To Create an Email Template, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the Administration tab. 
  • Select Templates and then Entities.
  • From the Entity list view, find and click on Course Application
  • From the left-hand menu, select the Templates option under Letters and Forms


  • To add a new Email Template, click on the '+' button.


  • Complete the Details window.


  1. Name - Give the Email template a unique yet relevant name. This will make it easier to search for later on.
  2. From - It is possible to attach multiple Email Accounts to the system. This dropdown list will show all available/connected email accounts so that you can select who this email should come from.
  3. Subject - This will be the subject of the email to the Student
  4. Status - This box is used to Enable/Disable an Email Template. If you want the Email Template to be accessible for use, check this box. However, if you no longer need this template, you can uncheck the template so that it can no longer be applied.
  5. Format - As this is an email, you will need to select HTML.
  6. Type - This is a customizable dropdown list where you can select an option to define the Type of Email Template further. The options in this dropdown list can be customised via the Reference Data Tables.
  7. Layout - As this is an email, you will need to select Email: A4 Portrait.
  8. Category - You can Add/Edit the available list of Categories by selecting Letters and Forms by going to the Categories page from the left-hand menu. We have linked the Category title Kanban. This makes it easy to differentiate between the Email Templates later on.
  9. Document Category - As this is an Email Template for an Application Status, we recommend selecting Applications.
  10. Allow Custom Code - If you prefer to edit the contents of the Email Template using HTML, select this option to change the Content Editor.
  11. Portal - If checked, when this Email Template has been Produced, it will become available as a Document in the Student/Employer Portals.
  • Complete the Content window. This is where you can design the contents and format of the email. 


On the right-hand side, the dynamic fields make it possible for the system to merge in the information that is specific to that Student. 

For generic content that must be included no matter who the Student is, type it into the content window. 

  • Click, Create

You have now created an Email Template for a Course Application Status. 

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