Process: Autogenerate a Certificate on Completion

There may be times when your institution wants to automatically generate a certificate upon a student's successful completion of their course. This article will show which settings you need to do this.

Please Note

Autogenerated Awards can only be enabled at the Program level. When an Award is autogenerated, it will use the selected template to produce an Award which is then stored as a Document and Certificate against the Party record. 


Enable Autogenerate Awards for a Program

To enable Award Automation, follow these steps:

  • Go to AdministrationCurriculumProgram.
  • Click on the Program you wish to automate the Awards for. 
  • Click, Edit
  • Click the Awards tab. 
  • Edit the Awards tab as follows ensuring you select the correct Award Type from the dropdown menu. For example, if the award is for a Certificate III in Hospitality select Certificate III/514.


*Publish to Portal - Autogenerated awards will be published to Student Portal.

  • Click, Save
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