Release 2022.03

Release 2022.03

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • New and improved Moodle integration
  • New location reference data for training locations
  • Bug fixes

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tues 22 March 2022 
  • Phase II: Tues 29 March 2022 



New Moodle Integration

The new Moodle Integration is designed to completely replace the 2 existing Moodle integrations and can be used side by side with them. The existing Moodle integrations will continue to be supported but we encourage customers to consider migrating. 

This integration includes: 

  • Support for Moodle version 3.2 and newer. 
  • The ability to configure resulting against outcome types, allowing for flexible resulting across VET, Higher Education, and non-accredited courses. 
  • Remove student/trainer enrolments from Moodle. From course integration settings, select enrolments on the Enrolled tab to remove them from Moodle. 
  • We’ve added an Integrations Centre. The Integration Centre lists all Plus enrolments enrolled or that could enrol into Moodle courses. The status indicates whether the enrolment is pending, failed, or successfully sent. From here, you can attempt to send a pending enrolment or re-attempt any that failed. 
  • Transfer course assessors to Moodle. Send one or multiple course assessors from the course assessment centre as Moodle trainer enrolments, giving them instant access to grade students enrolled into mapped Moodle courses. 
  • The ability to map your Plus courses, course units, or course units of study to courses in Moodle or create new Moodle courses directly from Plus. 
  • The ability to map course units and units of study to Moodle activities. You can map multiple units/units of study in your Plus course to multiple course activities in Moodle, allowing those units to be resulted in Plus as the corresponding activities are completed in Moodle. 
  • Transfer enrolments to Moodle. Send one or multiple enrolments in a Course, along with party details, to Moodle for online learning. 
  • Transfer results from Moodle automatically. Every hour, Plus retrieves the latest grade data for mapped Moodle courses and results units and units of study in Plus. Manually start the resulting transfer from integration preferences. 
  • We’ve added an Integration batch log - See detailed information about the ongoing or completed result transfers. Includes modified outcomes and the conditions under which it was or was not changed. 

To view instructions on how to upgrade to the latest Moodle integration, click here. 

To view instructions on setting up a course with the latest Moodle, click here. 


Course Enrolment Preference – Allow Re-enrolment flag extended to Course Forms 

Within the Enrolment Preferences Page of a Course Record, the ability to allow re-enrolment of the same Student into the Course can be toggled on and off. 

In order to keep this consistent, we’ve extended the behaviour of the “Allow re-enrolment flag” to prohibit users who authenticate into a Course Form from being able to enrol into Courses they have already been enrolled into. 




Location Reference Data - Code 

We have implemented a new “Location Code” for Training Locations recorded in the software.  

You can now specify location codes for any training location comprising alphanumeric characters for better definition within your organisation.  

On migration all existing Location ID’s will be transferred to the Location Code field to ensure AVETMISS reporting is unaffected and no action is required with this change. 

From this release Location Codes will be reported in place of the Location ID.  

Note: This should only be implemented for new locations added, if you have already reported a location for AVETMISS, TCSI etc, do not change the Location Code from its existing value. 




Max Funded Hours improvements 

The “Inherit Unit Contracts From Enrolment” preference option has been removed. In its place we have now implemented a “No Contract” option for the Contract field (at the unit level). This allows you to specify that a particular unit should be reported with a blank contract (when the enrolment has a Contract). 




Funding Source National is now mandatory at the enrolment level instead of the course level 

Previously, the Funding Source National field was mandatory for all VET courses. Enrolments into these courses would always inherit from the course Funding Source National (but wasn’t strictly enforced when editing the enrolment). 

The Funding Source National field is no longer mandatory for courses. 

The Funding Source National field is now mandatory for enrolments into VET courses. It is strictly validated as this is a mandatory field for AVETMISS reporting. 

The reason you may want to have a blank Funding Source National at the course level is to better prompt for the data entry during enrolment. An enrolment that automatically inherits this value from the course could end up being reported incorrectly. You now have the choice of which approach you prefer best when creating your courses. If you set a Funding Source National value on the course it will still inherit to each enrolment as per previous functionality. 



Dropdowns for Unit level values 

When editing enrolment unit data, all dropdowns have had their “blank” option labelled as “- - Use Enrolment Value - -”. This is to avoid any ambiguity of what blank means and help users understand that this option will change if the enrolment level data is modified (a desirable feature for most cases). 



Funding Source Improvements 

Choosing a combination of Funding Source State and Funding Source National values is now easier than ever. Just select the Funding Source State value first and the Funding Source National value will be selected automatically for you. 

Note: this only works if the Funding Source State has a single mapped Funding Source National. If it has more than 1 mapped Funding Source National or has no mapping at all then you will need to pick a Funding Source National manually. 

Note #2: make sure you pick the Funding Source State value first. The defaulting only works if the Funding Source National field is empty at the time you select a Funding Source State value. 


Progress Centre Certificates 

Changes have been made to the Generating Certificates flow in the Progress Centre to allow up to 2000 certificates to be generated at once. The process has been split into 3 steps: 

  1. Certificate Generation: a background batch job that shows progress or can be closed if user does not wish to wait on this screen while certificates are being generated. Once the job completes, clicking the “Download” button will take the user to the Documents page with a filter applied that shows the certificate documents that have been generated 
  2. Document Download: click the Bulk Actions button, select all required documents, and click Bulk Actions -> Download 
  3. Batch Log: click the zip file created to download 

This change has only been made to certificate generation in the Progress Centre. The old certificate generation process has not been changed for either the Course or Party pages. 

Other improvements made to these pages: 

  • User notification when the background job completes 
  • New locking mechanism to prevent 2 users from generating certificates for the same party/parties 






Smart Fees Invoicing – Create Invoice Modal 

The Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page now has an option to select/deselect all items. It will also now hide any fees that have not been triggered for invoicing yet. They can be shown with the checkbox “Show Pending Fees”.


Invoice – Created By 

We have introduced a new “User” field shown on the Invoice and Credit Note view page. This field will display the user who created the invoice or credit note. 




  • 23134: We have fixed an issue with the API when setting a unit outcome. The outcome assigned to the unit could be an outcome from an unrelated outcome type in some scenarios. The API will now only allow outcomes for the outcome type set for the course to match the behaviour in the UI. 
  • 22713: Previously there were 2 pages for managing your Funding Source State reference data. These pages have now been combined into a single page that can be accessed from Administration → Lookups → Compliance Data. It is no longer possible to manage Funding Source State data from Administration → Lookups → Reference Data. 
  • 22666: We have fixed an issue where setting a default Non-reportable outcome for all Units on a Course was incorrectly updating the start date of the Unit to the current date. This has now been rectified. 
  • 22588: Disabled items are no longer available when adding links to Smart Fees. 
  • 21785: We have fixed the party_avetmiss API endpoint so that it returns a valid response instead of a 404 Not Found error 
  • 23120 - We have fixed an issue with our report builder which would cause additional records to be created for reports that included an Invoice, Course and Student field. 
  • 23001 – Within the Enrolment Preferences Page of a Course Record, the ability to allow re-enrolment of the same Student into the Course can be toggled on and off. 
  • 22957 – We have updated the logic in the NAT85 generation for AVETMISS Extracts and Claims Reporting so that when a “Postal Address” type address is recorded, that will be reported in the NAT85. If no “Postal Address” is recorded then then Primary Address will be still used. 
  • 22822 - We have identified and resolved an issue where disabled enrolments were being included within AVTEMISS warnings from our AVETMISS Warnings page when there were units with training date overlap. 
  • 22815 - We fixed an issue where editing an enrolment from the students page of a course where it would redirect you to the details page of the enrolment instead of the student list. 
  • 22776 - We have updated the Event Details page to hide disabled Event Types when adding or editing Events 
  • 22570 - We have resolved an issue that would prevent users from using the “last run” sort ordering when looking at the report list. 
  • 22542 - A bug has been fixed where the search function in the Assessment Centre only searches for students within the users current Provider by default. Other Provider data can be included by applying additional filters to search across providers. 
  • 21813 - We have implemented monthly routines that will permanently delete notifications older than 8 weeks in order to improve system performance across the system. 
  • 19296 - We have resolved an issue on the enrolment wizard that would result in an error when the user did not select any electives on confirming an enrolment from the Academic Periods step, when one or more electives had been mandated at the program level. 
  • 18850 - We have added new Smart & Skilled Program Streams to the NSW Smart & Skilled Program list. 
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