Release 2022.04

Release 2022.04  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • New eCAF Manager 
  • New 'Automated Smart Fees' and Smart Fees extensions 
  • 'Scholarships' as a payment source
  • Password Enhancements 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Wed 20 April 2022 
  • Phase II: Wed 27 April 2022 



eCAF Integration 

The eCAF Integration now runs hourly to update your student's submission status. If you currently have the 1-way eCAF integration you will automatically get the full functionality of the 2-way integration as part of this release.

You can view the eCAF data returned for a student under the VFH/VSL tab for an enrolment:


The eCAF Manager has been updated to allow you to manage the eCAF data. Clicking the big coloured tiles at the top of this page will apply a filter for that set of eCAF students.


 There are also bulk actions for emailing and resubmitting eCAFs for a particular set of students.

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Automatic SmartFees 

We have implemented a new feature called “Automatic SmartFees” that you can enable at a Course level: 


Once enabled, the course will no longer have configurable Payment Options. The Smart Fees Library instead becomes the central location for managing what fees should be applied to enrolments. 

On the Payments step of the enrolment wizard, you can see Smart Fees are applied automatically based on attributes of the enrolment: 


After the enrolment is created, any changes to the fees based on changes to attributes of the enrolment will be suggested on the Smart Fees Invoicing page: 




Password enhancements

Previously on the Admin portal, a few user roles have access to the Party & Staff password fields, which can be misused for various malicious activities. We've corrected this by adding a new system right called "Update Party Password" which purpose is to hide the Password field on Party and User Profiles.

Users without this permission would not be able to see the Password field and will have the new option called "Reset". Clicking on this button will send an email to the actual Party with the link for resetting their password.

Users with this permission would be able to see both the Password field and Reset button. They can either update the Password manually or send a reset password email to the actual Party.

The template for the password reset email can be found on Preference > Security > Reset Password Email.

User with ‘Update Party Password’ permission
User w/o ‘Update Party Password’ permission

Validations and success message check

Skills Victoria – Course Commenced While at School 

We have implemented some improvements so that when an enrolment is created via any of the methods available in Plus, the Victorian specific field Course Commenced While at School Flag will be populated with the value from the corresponding At School Flag on the Party record.  

Note this only applies if a value exists at the time the enrolment created. If the At School field is updated on the party, this will not flow through to any party enrolments, it would be necessary to update these independently. 


We have added the current_user_first_name and current_user_last_name in as new System merge fields that can now be used in all templates. The currently logged in user firstname and lastname will be used in the merge. 


Invoice Balances – Payments, Refunds and Credits 

The page for viewing invoices has a new section at the bottom for displaying the “Balance”. This is the same as the balance section on the Payment view/create page. 

We have also added any associated Credit Notes to the balance. Previously, the associated Credit Notes were correctly included in the “Balance Due” column calculation but were not displayed as a separate item in the list of balance transactions. 


Payment Source improvements 

We’ve added 5 new fields to Payment Source reference data lookups. This improvement is to allow Payment Sources to be used as a fixed fund of money that can be applied to invoices as payments. 

  • Fund Type - options are blank or “Scholarship” 
  • Fund Amount - this field is available when the Fund Type is set to “Scholarship”. Set the Fund Amount to limit/track a Scholarship fund 
  • Start/End Date - dates the Payment Source is available to be used. Leave these dates blank if you want the Payment Source to always be available 
  • Ledger Code - ledger associated with the Payment Source (fund) for reporting purposes


Smart Fees - Invoice Item Description 

Invoice item descriptions for Smart Fees linked to a Unit, Subject or Academic Period will now include the linked entity in the description. This will only be for new invoice items created in the future. Existing invoice item descriptions will not be updated. 

The format for the description follows the same convention as we use for Unit Fees: {Party} - {Unit Code} - {Unit Name} {Smart Fee Type}


Smart Fees Invoicing – Create Invoice modal 

A number of improvements have been made to the Create Invoice modal: 

  • User can select invoice date and invoice template 
  • User can update the invoice target 
  • User can add new line items to the invoice 
  • Grand total is displayed 

Smart Fees Audit Trail 

We’ve improved the way the Smart Fees Library is displayed on the Audit Trail page. 

  • Smart Fees entity has been renamed to “Smart Fees Library” 
  • Smart Fee Overrides entity has been removed and the override auditing will now appear under the Smart Fees Library entity 
  • Changes to the Modifier on a Smart Fee Library item will now display the name of the old/new modifier correctly


Enrolment Wizard – Default Unit Outcome 

The enrolment wizard will now display on the Outcome step the “Default Unit Outcome” set for the course for each units outcome as a default. Previously the default outcome was only applied at the completion of the enrolment wizard. 

The start date will not be populated when an outcome is applied that is Non-Reportable.


Prepare Invoices Nightly Job 

There is a new preference option for your Training Provider called “Prepare Invoices Nightly Job”. This option is enabled be default and controls whether the “Prepare Invoices” background job is performed every night at approx 3am. You may want to turn this option off if you prefer to run the “Prepare Invoices” process manually from Administration → Finance → Prepare Invoices 


Feature Flags for Integrations 

Some integrations can now only be created after enabling their associated feature flag. Feature flags that have associated integrations are: 

  • LMS Integration Service 
  • Payment Plans (Invoice) 
  • TCSI 

If you are unable to add a particular integration, you may need to have the associated feature flag enabled first.

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  • 23319 – Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing will now allow you to create a Credit Note with more than 1 item 
  • 23142 - PayNow function will now automatically create the receipt PDF document 
  • 22831 – Fixed an issue with the calculation of Max Funded Hours on the edit unit page 
  • 21786 – API endpoint for party_cricos no longer returns a 404 error 
  • 23287 - The Enrolment extract on the Enrolments page has been updated to show the correct values for Total Tuition and Total Tuition Paid if they have been selected on the view screen. 
  • 23232 – Search functionality to the Program Subjects list page has been added along with a few helpful filters. 
  • 23106 - We have resolved an issue where some clients were unable to allow USI updates and verifications in the Student Portal. 
  • 22882 - We have resolved an issue when updating event series that could prevent automations being applied to the entire series when so requested by the user. 
  • 23076 - The Programs list page has been updated to preserve the Include disabled records filter when the user navigates all the pages using the page navigation controls. 
  • 22711 - We resolved an issue that would cause users to sometimes be redirected to the user list instead of search results when they logged in after timing out. 
  • 22708 - We have fixed an issue that was causing the PUSH value to not be inherited on the new enrolment when skipping straight to Confirm Now when creating a new enrolment in the enrolment wizard. 
  • 22616 - An enhancement has been made where the Provider search option in the Community page is limited to the Providers the user has access to. 
  • 22343 - We have resolved an issue where disabled attendance statuses could still be selected when marking attendance for an enrolment. 
  • 22069 - We have resolved an issue that could prevent the confirm now to not work for new Prospects. 
  • 21252 - We have resolved an issue with the enrolment wizard, where state specific data was not being inherited into a student's enrolment record. 
  • 19625 - We have resolved an issue on the Bulk Enrolment Wizard where Academic Periods may not be added to an enrolment when that step was bypassed in certain circumstances. 
  • 18683 - We have made changes to the main Party pages to prevent users recording characters that are not permitted when reporting names. Note we have not updated any existing records, so if editing an existing record containing invalid characters the operator will be required to remove these prior to saving any changes. 
  • 23351 - We have updated our report builder to include party employer information when generating a party form report. 
  • 23320 - We have resolved an issue that would cause unit level contracts to default to the enrolment level contract. 
  • 22407 - We fixed some minor issues with the behaviour of the address lookup fields in the form builder. 
  • 22281 - We have resolved an issue occurring during element/activity grading, where the date fields were not correctly populating with the Assessment Date. 
  • 22328 - We have resolved an issue with course application forms, where discounts were not being correctly added when the applicant would opt to Pay Later. 


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