Preferences → Security → Reset Password Email

Your system has the ability to send a password reset email upon request. This is configured within the Preferences area of your system, under Security.

Configuring Reset Password Email Preferences

  1. Under the Administration heading, select Preferences:
  2. Select the Edit option in the top left-hand side:
  3. Within this area, locate the heading titled Security. On the right-hand side, you will need to set the Reset Password Email field:

  4. The existing Request to reset password email template works great for this purpose:
  5. The specified template will be used to email instructions to the user on how to reset the password when the Reset button is clicked on Profiles.
  6. Save these settings.
Note: Before processing a request, it is advised to alert the party that the reset link will only function for two hours.

Request To Reset Password Email Template

The standard Request to reset password template is formatted like so:

Note: If this standard template does not work, you may need to set the Canonical URL for your specific system within the body of the message, as shown above.

To retrieve your Canonical URL, you can do so by navigate to Help → About, and copy it from the Internal Configuration heading.
Note: You can create a customised email template for this purpose within the Communications → Templates → Party area.

  Next Steps: Resetting A Lost Or Forgotten Password

With the Security Preferences configured, you can now action Password Resets for a profile.

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