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Smart Fees allow a user to pre-create a fee library for use within their system. When creating these items, you can make use of a Smart Fee Item Status for administration needs to indicate if the Smart Fee is considered approved for use or otherwise.

To add a Smart Fee Item Status, Navigate to AdministrationLookupsReference Data:

Within this area, select Smart Fee Library Item Status from the list:

Click the [+] New button to being adding a new Smart Fee Item Status.

Adding a Smart Fee Status

The screen to enter a Smart Fee Status includes the following fields:

You will need to complete all Required Fields (*) within the Smart Fees Item Status window.: 

  • External ID: Select an identifier for this Smart Fee Status.
  • Name: Enter a name to easily identify this new Smart Fee Item Status. This will be displayed in other parts of the system when selecting a Smart Fee Status. (required)
  • Colour: Select a colour to be used to distinguish this item.
  • Description: Optionally a description can be entered to explain the use of this Smart Fee Item Status.
  • Default: Set this item if you wish for this Smart Fee Status to be considered the default status when creating a new Smart Fee Item.
  • Approved Status: Indicates that this status is considered approved, and makes the Smart Fee as ready for use.
  • Enabled: The Enabled checkbox can be used to archive this Smart Fee Item Status if it is no longer to be used.

Press Save to create this Smart Fee Status for use.

  Next Steps: Adding a Smart Fee

Once your Smart Fee Status have been established, you can then use it when configuring a new Smart Fee within JR Plus.

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