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At times a fee amount may need to be reduced to a recognised discounted amount - this can be easily monitored and configured via a Discount Code item, created and managed for use elsewhere in the system.

To add a Discount Code, Navigate to AdministrationLookupsReference Data:

Within this area, select Discount Code from the list:

Click the [+] New button to begin adding a new Discount Code.

Adding a Discount Code

The screen to enter a Discount Code includes the following fields:

You will need to complete all Required Fields (*) within the Discount Code window.: 

  • External ID: Select an identifier for this Discount Code.
  • Code: Enter a code to easily identify this new Discount Code. This will be displayed in other parts of the system when selecting a Discount Code  item. (required)
  • Value: Enter the value for this Discount - either as a standard amount, or a percentage. (required)
  • Description: Optionally a description can be entered to explain the use of this Discount Code .
  • Limit: Set a limit for the number of times this code could be used.
  • Start Date / End Date: Indicates that this item is considered approved, and marks the Discount as ready for use.
  • Enabled: The Enabled checkbox can be used to archive this Discount Code if it is no longer to be used.

Press Save to create this Discount Code for use.

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