Release 2022.05

Release 2022.05  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • New integration with aNewSpring Learning Management System
  • Reproduce invoice documents in Finance Hub
  • Invoice Lists – New columns for Paid and Deferred 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tuesday 17 May 2022 
  • Phase II: Tuesday 24 May 2022 



aNewSpring LMS integration 

aNewSpring is an adaptive learning management system that empowers training companies to craft, curate and deliver blended learning. It is customised for the Australian VET Sector and now integrated with JobReady Plus. 

aNewSpring allows training providers to build high-impact content quickly and easily. Ideal for blended and social learning settings, this intuitive platform has extensive learner discussion board facilities integrated throughout, as well as complex, behind-the-scenes algorithms that automatically adapt the content of each course to each learner. 


2 Logic improvements for First Attendance 

We’ve updated the logic when Set Unit Outcome and Start Date on First Attendance flag is enabled. It will now ALWAYS update the Unit Outcome and Start Date whenever the unit has an outcome with the “Enrolled Outcome” option selected. Previously, it would only perform this on First Attendance if the units “start date” value was newer than the attendance date. 

We’ve updated the logic when Set Unit Outcome and Start Date on First Attendance flag is enabled. It will now update the Start Date whenever the unit has an outcome with the “Commencement Outcome” option selected AND the units “start date” value is either blank or newer than the attendance date ie. it will never move the Start Date on the unit forwards if the unit has a Commencement Outcome. 



Payment Sources 

Payment Sources in the available drop down will now only be ones that are configured to be enabled and within their start/end date range 


A new summary header for Scholarships will now be shown on the Finance Hub -> Payments page. This header only displays if you have a Source filter for a Payment Source with a Fund Type set to Scholarship. 



Invoice Lists – New columns for Paid and Deferred 

List views for invoices in the Finance Hub and Party pages have had 2 new columns added: 

  1. Paid (amount of received payments and applied credit notes) 
  2. Deferred (amount deferred for payment in the future) 

These 2 columns will be shown by default. The “Tax Amount” column has now been hidden by default but can be shown by using the column picker. 

The “Deferred” amount has been removed from the Outstanding amount shown. It has also been removed from the amount that gets paid through the Pay Now button on these pages. 



Invoices - Reproduce PDF Documents 

We’ve now given you the option to reproduce an invoice document without going through the invoice edit page. This is useful for cases where you want people without the permission to edit invoices to be able to reproduce the PDF using a different template. 



Enrolment Wizard Payments Step 

The ordering of fees has been improved in the enrolment wizard (Payments step) for courses with Automatic SmartFees option enabled. Subtotals are also displayed for each Smart Fee Type grouping. 


Smart Fee Modifiers 

Smart Fee modifiers are now able to be applied to outcomes for Subjects (or Units of Study). Previously, the outcome Smart Fee modifier only worked for Units of Competency.

Update ANZSCO Codes in Compliance Data 

We have updated the ANZSCO codes in line with NCVER transitioning to the new ABS ANZSCO codes from Quarter 2 onward (i.e., 1 April 2022) for AVETMISS reporting purposes. 

All nationally recognised qualifications and courses coded to retired codes will need to be updated to current values if you receive AVS Validation Errors. Any new codes will be available when editing the Program-> Compliance-> ANZSCO field: 

Party Contacts API 

A new boolean flag - emergency - has been added to the Party Contact API POST create and update and GET calls. This now means that a Party contact can be viewed or specified as emergency where required.  


  • 23722 – We've fixed an issue that was preventing the Prepare Invoices function from running correctly in some circumstances 
  • 23457 – Fixed some minor UI issues with the Invoice Template picker on the Create Invoice modal 
  • 23421 - An issue with the Audit Trail export has been fixed so it correctly applies any “User” filter that has been set on the screen. 
  • 23299 – Page load time has been improved for the Smart Fees Invoicing page 
  • 22909 – We've fixed an issue where the unit code wasn’t displayed under fees on the Create Invoice modal 
  • 23292 – We have removed the options AVETMISS (NSW Training Market) and AVETMISS (Training WA) when generating a Claims Funding report for NSW and WA. 
  • 22067 - We have resolved an issue with the labelling and displaying of end dates on the progress page to align to the correct fields of the student portal for people using units of study. 
  • 23180 – We have implemented some improvements to the Program Unit Search page, adding in new filters for TGA Status, TGA Accredited, In Scope and Disabled Units 
  • 23289 – Resolved an issue in the Mass Action Centre when adding optional subjects to a Course enrolment, where the application was adding extra units, it will now only add the units selected by the user. 
  • 23344 – We have resolved an issue where a custom system integration was preventing users from being disabled. 
  • 23445 - We have resolved an issue that was preventing exporting of events when viewing the audit trail. 
  • 23449 - We have resolved some sorting and filtering issues on the main Enrolment page. 
  • 26677 - We have resolved an issue with the Search feature on the Manage Duplicates page.
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