Introducing the aNewSpring LMS Integration

The aNewSpring learning enhancement platform empowers training providers to create, curate and deliver blended learning that adapts to each individual learner.

Introducing the aNewSpring LMS integration!

This integration includes: 

  • Resulting rules configured against outcome types - allowing for flexible resulting across VET, Higher Education, and non-reportable courses. 
  • Map your courses, course units, or course units of study to courses in aNewSpring or create new aNewSpring courses directly from your student management system. 
  • Set preservability properties for new aNewSpring courses created from your system. 
  • Map course units and units of study to aNewSpring activities.
    • You can map multiple units/units of study in your SMS course to multiple course activities in aNewSpring, allowing those units to be resulted in your SMS as the corresponding activities are completed in aNewSpring. 
  • Transfer course/enrolment staff to aNewSpring.
    • Send one or multiple staff to aNewSpring as Instructors, giving them access to students enrolled in mapped aNewSpring courses. 
  • Transfer enrolments to aNewSpring.
    • Send one or multiple enrolments in a Course, along with party details, to aNewSpring for online learning. 
  • Remove student enrolments from aNewSpring.
    • From the course integration settings, select enrolments on the Enrolled tab to remove them from aNewSpring. 
  • Automated result transfer from aNewSpring.
    • Every hour, your system will retrieve the latest assessment data for mapped aNewSpring courses and results units and units of study. Manually start the resulting transfer from integration preferences. 
  • Integrations Centre.
    • The Integration Centre lists all SMS enrolments enrolled or that could enrol into aNewSpring courses. The status indicates whether the enrolment is pending, failed, or successfully sent. From here, you can attempt to send a pending enrolment or re-attempt any that failed. 
  • Integration batch log
    • See detailed information about the ongoing or completed result transfers. Includes modified outcomes and the conditions under which it was or was not changed.

  aNewSpring Website

If you would like more information on the aNewSpring system, check them out online.

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