XERO 2.0 Integration

1. Sign in to your Xero account.

2. Once signed in, you will need to create a new app via this link: https://developer.xero.com/myapps/

3. When adding the new app, be sure to use the following settings:

4. Once you hit the Create app button, you should be redirected to a page summarising your web app. We need to navigate to the new configuration menu, to generate a client ID.

5. From here, generate a new Client secret for your web app. Make sure to copy and paste both the Client ID and the Client secret somewhere safe, before navigating away from this page.

6. Once you have created this app, you will need to configure these new settings within the system. To do this, go to Administration → Configuration → Preferences.

7. From here, navigate to Integration → Integrated Systems from the left hand menu.

8. Create a New integration from this page, and select Xero.

9. Input your OAuth credentials from Step 5, and set the Authentication Method to OAuth 2.0.

Note that:

- OAuth Consumer Key (Student Management System) = Client ID (Xero)
- OAuth Consumer Secret (Student Management System) = Client Secret (Xero)
10. Now all that is left is to Authorise the app within the system.

You have now setup your Xero OAuth 2.0 integration.
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