Ready LMS System Settings

There are of settings within the Ready LMS environment that require configuration in order to integrate with your system.

The purpose of this article is to detail what settings and preferences need to be activated within the Ready LMS environment in order for the integration to function.

 Please Note

The initial set up of your Ready LMS environment is outside the scope of this article – The setup of an Ready LMS site will need to have been completed prior to following the steps detailed here.

Ready LMS API key

An API key is required for Ready LMS to communicate with your student management system.

To locate/set up this key:

  1. Log In to Ready LMS
  2. Navigate to the Settings page from the top menu

     Please Note

    Access to the settings menu is only for users with the correct role access. If you do not see the settings menu you should contact the main Ready LMS Administrator

  3. In the bottom right corner there is an API key section
  4. Click the Manage API Keys button

  5. Select [+] API Key option to create a new API Key
  6. Enter a suitable Name and Password for the API key
    Note: It is required that you use your LOGIN PASSWORD for creating an API key.
  7. Click Create

You can expand the column on the newly created API Key to display it's information:

The highlighted section is the API Key required for the Ready LMS to function within your system,.

Template Creation

When creating a Template in Ready LMS, you must ensure the Learning journey with instructors option is enabled.

This is located in the Templates settings page:

Within the section titled Functionalities:

  Additional Resources: aNewSpring Dedicated Knowledge Base

If you require specific support related to navigating aNewSpring, there is a dedicated Knowledge Base to assist with it's use:

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