Release 2022.06

Release 2022.06  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • Dynamic grand totals for quotes, invoices and credit notes 
  • Ability to exclude ‘clash detection’ when setting up locations/rooms  
  • Update to Payment Import screen 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Wed 15 June 2022
  • Phase II: Wed 21 June 2022 



Dynamic Grand Totals 

Totals will now be shown at the bottom of the page when creating/editing quotes, invoices and credit notes. The grand totals will dynamically update as you are entering data into the page. 


Room Clash Detection 

A new option for Exclude From Clash Detection is now available when setting up locations/rooms. This option will allow you to create virtual rooms that can be used by multiple events at the same time.

Payment Import 

The UI for Payment Import screen has been improved in readiness for future new payment import types. 

Smart Fee Library 

In the Smart Fee Library, any links to Programs will now display the Internal Name to help distinguish between Programs with the same name and code.


Certification and Ratification 

Buttons on Units of Study pages for an enrolment will now correctly show the tooltip and have the correct icon.





  • 23909 – fixed an issue with Course forms that have Pay Now enabled and Auto-enrol would link the wrong invoice to the new enrolment 
  • 23713 – we've fixed an issue where subject dates (Start Date, End Date, and Census Date) were not being auto refreshed correctly when both “auto census date calculation” system preference and inherit subject date course” preference are enabled 
  • 23711 - Previously, custom fields for Smart Fee override links could not be selected if there were Smart Fee links defined to other custom fields. This has now been fixed so any enabled custom field (of checkbox type) can be selected for your Smart Fee override links. 
  • 23633 – we've fixed an issue that was preventing the Ledger and Subledger fields being edited on the Smart Fees Invoicing page 
  • 23497 - the Units list page has been updated to include disabled records when the Include disabled records filter is added. 
  • 23472 - the Edit button on a Smart Fee Library item will now be hidden from users who do not have the system right to edit Smart Fee items.
  • 23993 - An issue was resolved where online settings such as Terms and Conditions and Additional Fields, were not being copied over successfully when copying a Course.  
  • 23685 - We have resolved an issue with bulk updating enrolment statuses that could fail if an inactive status was used on the Course Students page. 
  • 23642 - Fixed an issue that prevented inactive enrolments from being selectable for student mail templates requiring an enrolment. 
  • 23352 - We resolved an issue with the Download All button when generating bulk certificates on a course. 
  • 22492 - An issue has been resolved where the Course Form enrolment limit page was not displaying the warning message properly. 
  • 22485 - Some amendments have been made to AutoMate logic, so that students are considered inactive when assigning end dates from the Course level bulk actions. 
  • 22460 - An issue has been fixed which enables admins to clear the Absent Reason and set the Attendance to Present, in the one edit action. 
  • 22068 - We fixed a minor UI display issue with the Footer in the Student Portal. 
  • 21666 - We have made some improvements to the system, so that agent records can no longer be deleted if they have prospects attached to their profile.
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