Xero 2.0 System Settings

There are a range of settings within the Xero environment that require configuration in order to integrate with your student management system.

The purpose of this article is to detail what settings and preferences need to be activated within your Xero environment in order for the SMS integration to function.

 Please Note

The initial set up of your Xero environment is outside the scope of this article – The setup of Xero will need to have been completed prior to following the steps detailed here.


Start by signing in to your Xero account.

Once signed in, you will need to create a new app via this link:

This steps you require appear like so:

When adding the New App, be sure to use the following settings:

Note: The Login URL and Privacy Policy URL are optional

These steps are highlighted below:

Once you hit the Create app button, you should be redirected to a page summarising your web app.

You then need to navigate to the new configuration menu, to generate a client ID.

From here, generate a new Client secret for your web app.

Make sure to make note of both the Client ID and the Client Secret somewhere safe, before navigating away from this page:

  Next Steps: Configuring Xero 2.0 within your System

Once your Xero 2.0 details have been established, the integration will need to be globally enabled and configured within your SMS to function.

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