Release 2022.07

Release 2022.07  

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Key Changes: 

  • New Payment Import feature for bank payments 
  • ‘First Census Date’ field and filter added to eCAF Manager 
  • New field for “Deferral Type” now available when configuring Payment Source records 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tues 12 July 2022 
  • Phase II: Tues 19 June 2022 



Bank Statement Payment Import 

Bank Payments option on the Payment Import page. This new importer allows you to load in a CSV file of your bank payments and have those payments allocated against invoices. This could potentially save you a lot of time if you receive a large number of payments through bank transfers and most of them have the Invoice Number in the reference field. In future, we may consider adding intelligence to the import for other types of matching like you see in Payment Reconciliation modules of popular accounting systems.




eCAF Manager 

The eCAF Manager now has a column and filter for “First Census Date” 



Payment Source – Deferral Type 

A new field for “Deferral Type” is now available when configuring Payment Source records. There is currently one option for “VSL” with more expected to be added later. A Payment Source with a VSL Deferral Type represents a payment received from the government after the VSL census date. 


Events API 

We’ve made a change to the Events API (/webservice/courses/{course_number}/events/{id} and /webservice/timetables/{timetable_id}/events/{id}) where changing the Staff Party on an event record will remove the previous staff member from the attendees list and instead replaced with the nominated Staff member in the call. 

This is to ensure consistency in both UI and API behaviours when updating the staff member on an Event Record. 




  • 23719 – Dropdowns for “Academic”, “Other Academic” and “Coordinator” are now ordered alphabetically in the Enrolment Course Details section 
  • 23697 - The VSL Cap limit in JR Plus has been increased to support amounts greater than 1,000,000 
  • 23877 – we have fixed an issue where Credit Notes were showing a negative instead of positive amount in the Paid column on the Balance History section for invoices 
  • 21334 - We have updated the Priority Percentage rates uses for calculation of Queensland Claims where Priorities are assigned on those enrolments 
  • 22547 - We updated bulk note creation in courses to be more in line with the behaviour elsewhere in the system. 
  • 22569 - An issue was resolved that would cause notifications to be unreadable from some pages. 
  • 22607 - An issue was resolved where the Party Name field was being left blank in Check-in export report. 
  • 22620 - We have improved the bulk enrolment of Prospects and introduced validation that prevents and notifies the user if the bulk prospects exceeds the max capacity of enrolments allowed into the course. 
  • 22906 - We have implemented some improvements with the USI Web Service, improving verification for Single Name students and some UX improvements. 
  • 23397 - An issue was resolved where the redirect for document download was not redirecting users to the batch log to download the files. 
  • 23522 - We have resolved an issue that could prevent some users being able to access the unit_scope page. 
  • 23632 - We have improved the bulk note creation process to make these notes accessible from the File Note API. 
  • 23666 - We have resolved an issue that prevented QR Codes being accessible on the Course Forms list page. 
  • 23812 - We have resolved an issue when creating a payment that could result in the recording of multiple payments. 
  • 23981 - An issue has been resolved, where Companies could not be filtered by tags. 
  • 24034 - An issue was resolved, where automations triggered by the course start or end dates, were not correctly adding students to the task queue. 
  • 24153 - We have made an improvement to update the Audit trail to record Feedback Form and the Form ID, when any record is updated by submitting a Feedback Form. 
  • 24206 - We have added Target End Date, Status and Study Mode columns to the Student Portal course view. 
  • 24326 - A bug has been fixed where the search function in the New Cohorts page only searches for students within the users current Provider. 
  • 23851 - We’ve made a change to the Party API where passing primary flag on address updates Party record (party.primary_address_id) to the value of primary flag, to ensure consistency in both UI and API behaviours when creating/updating the addresses on a Party record. 
  • 23847 – We’ve added the ability to match parties with existing aNewSpring users automatically via their email address, first name and last name the first time we attempt to send a party to aNewSpring LMS  
  • 23921 – We've added block filtering for activity mapping in aNewSpring LMS 
  • 23922 – We've added the ability to disable unenrolment in aNewSpring LMS 
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