TCSI - Connecting a PRODA Account

PRODA (Provider Digital Access) is an online identity verification and authentication system. It lets you securely access government online services, such as TCSI. Your organisation will not be able to access and utilise the TCSI service without PRODA.

  Required: Register Your Organisation / Register A New Device Within PRODA

You will need to add a new device in your PRODA account first before being able to complete the below steps.

Help Resources to assist with this are available on the TCSI Support website:


Enabling the TCSI Integration

  1. Under the Administration heading, select Preferences:
  2. On the left-hand side, expand the Integration item and select Integrated Systems. This will open the Integrations Page, displaying any existing Integrated services/systems:
  3. Click the [+] New button to start the process to implement a new integration:

  4. The page that appears will display a range of Integrations available to set up, with search items and filters. Locate the TCSI item that appears like so:
  5. Press the Connect button will open a new page to enter your TCSI PRODA Information.

Entering PRODA System Information

This page is comprised of three different sections that are used to drive communication with the TCSI web service.

System Settings

The first section targets your specific System Details:

The fields in this section require:

  • System: Will be set as the default 'TCSI'
  • Name: A custom name can be provided for this integration - Otherwise 'TCSI PRODA' is sufficient
  • VET Provider / HEP Provider check boxes: Check to flag the kind of provider your organisation is
  • Provider Code: The provider code of the education provider as supplied by DESE when the organisation was registered as a provider
  • Provider Name: The name of the education provider as registered with DESE
  • Enabled: Indicates if this integration is active. When unchecked this will disable the PRODA communication
  • Real-time Sync: When enabled, records will be synced to TCSI as soon as they are updated
  • Show on Integrations Centre: Toggles the display of this item within the Integrations Centre


PRODA Settings

In this area, enter the Device Settings that were configured within PRODA for your B2B device.

Note: All of the details to be entered in this area must first be configured by creating a B2B Device Option within PRODA. For steps on completing this process, please view the help resource available here:

This section has the following options:

  • Device Activation Code: Generated within PRODA to validate system access
  • Device Name: Configured within PRODA to recognise your system
  • Organisation RA: Registration Authority (RA) number (unique to your organisation)

Notification Settings

It is recommended to update this with an email address to be reminded when the PRODA device expiry is approaching

In this area, enter a preferred Notification Email and specify if you require a notification for the device expiry date.

With the above information entered and saved, press the Test Connection button to ensure everything is working correctly.

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