Release 2022.08

Release 2022.08  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • Ability to create customer menu items
  • Course Applications – Linking Enrolments/Invoices
  • NAT120 reporting of Tuition and Resource Fees for QLD/TAS/WA 


Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tuesday 9 August 2022 
  • Phase II: Tuesday 16 August 2022 




Custom Menu Items 

We have now given you the ability to add menu items in JR Plus. These can link to any URL you wish eg. internal intranet, processes, important bookmarks. 





Create Invoice Modal 

Additional fields have been included in the Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page 




Course Applications – Linking Enrolments/Invoices 

Course applications that have Pay Now but the enrolment is not auto-confirmed will now have the payment/invoice created at the time of application linked to the enrolment (when the enrolment is created). During the enrolment wizard, you will be alerted to the fact that a payment/invoice has already been created for the application and you can either choose “No Payment Required” or choose an additional payment option. 



Bank Payment Import – support for credit notes and refunds 

The bank payment import now can process refund amounts when the Credit Note number is used in the Invoice number field. For refunds, the payment amount should be a negative value in the payment import file you supply. 



Support User Level 

The “Zendesk User Level” option has been renamed to “Support User Level” on the Help → About page. When this option is configured it allows you to specify a minimum user level that can see: 

  1. The “Support” widget at the bottom right of JR Plus 

  1. The menu item Help → Help Centre 

  1. The menu item Help → Support 

Users who do not have the minimum “Support User Level” will have no access to our support resources. Please ensure these users in your organisation have alternative support arrangements in place. 



Automatic SmartFees 

Improvements have been made to the sorting of the Payments step of the Enrolment Wizard when the course has Automatic SmartFees option turned on. 




NAT120 reporting of Tuition and Resource Fees for QLD/TAS/WA 

NAT120 reporting has been improved so that “Tuition” and “Resource” type fees will be reported depending on state. 



Pending Task Page 

The default sorting of the Pending Task Page was changed so that tasks are ordered by “Next to execute”. 




JobReady Plus now processes the international student USI format of "INTOFF" as "Verified" in our UI, if the student's postcode is set to "OSPC," as per the AVETMISS 8.0 standards. This also means that international students who studied offshore, will no longer appear as requiring remediation in the USI Manager. 



Bulk Enrolment: whave resolved an issue with bulk enrolments when the Update Competent Unit Status Across Enrolments feature is enabled. 

Student Enrolled to First Course with Outcome Credit/Transfer 


Bulk Enrolment on Other course including the Student in the first course and a student that is not in the other course 



Student that is enrolled in two courses 


Student that is not enrolled in the other course 




Following a change which disabled daisy-chaining Automations, following an Automation created check-in, we have added a checkbox to the Automation form, Skip Workflow Tasks, which when disabled, will allow daisy-chaining again. 




24713– We’ve fixed an issue on the Enrolment Wizard under the VFH/VSL tab, Debt Management section, where some fields were not allowing 2 decimal places correctly 

24312 – An issue has been fixed where users were not able to create additional email addresses for a Party record or delete an email address for a Party record. 

24293 - We’ve fixed an issue where the “Created By” value was incorrectly blank when reproducing Invoice PDF documents and creating invoices through the Create Invoice button on the Smart Fee Invoicing page. Note: this issue was only for the “Document” created by value and not the “Invoice” created by value. 

24273 - An issue has been fixed when copying a course with Automatic SmartFees where it was allowing you to copy Payment Options incorrectly. The “Copy Payment Options” checkbox has been removed from the copy course screen when the originating course has Automatic SmartFees enabled. 

24159 - we’ve fixed an issue where the Course Application screen would show a Payment Status of “Not Invoiced” when it has already been paid and invoiced (but not enrolled yet). 

RAPT Report: we’ve fixed an issue where RAPT Reports would sometimes result in an error. 

Unit Fees: we’ve fixed an issue where unit fees were not carrying over to invoices when enrolling a student into a course with unit fees attached. 

Unit Completion Invoices: we’ve fixed an issue where unit completion invoices would have the incorrect description for each line item. 

Transfer Enrolment: we’ve fixed an issue with the Transfer Enrolment wizard where loading the Outcomes step would cause the transfer to fail. 

Report Templates: an issue was fixed where on templates system[:current_user] could no longer be used to access the user. 

Agents Profile: Fixed a hyperlink on the Agents > Students page that redirected to the same page rather than its corresponding Course page. 
Event Attendees: Fixed an issue where Event Attendees would be cleared when changing staff on the Event. 




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