Scheduled Invoices Overview

The Finance systems allow you to schedule invoices to be created against a party profile. This article will go over the process of setting up Scheduled Invoices and making use of them.


Setting Up Preferences

To get scheduled invoices set up, you will need to make some changes in the Financial Preferences.

Go to Administration → Configuration → Preferences and click on the Edit button.

It is recommended that you configure a few settings before making use of this.

  • Prepare Invoices Nightly Job: This activates an automated process that runs at around 2am-3am every night. The process will prepare invoices that have been scheduled.
  • Invoice Template: Allows you to select an invoice template that is used by default when invoices are prepared.

Prepare Invoices Function


Payment Options for courses is one of the main ways to use scheduled invoices. To add Payment Options to a course, follow through to this article.

Any invoices that are scheduled to be created due to a trigger, will be properly created when the Prepare Invoices job is run.

To start a Prepare Invoices job, go to Administration → Finance → Prepare Invoices.

This will bring up a page where you can specify a date, any invoices that were scheduled before this date will be prepared as a part of this job.

Clicking on the Create button will start the process. This will create a Batch Job that will prepare invoices that are scheduled.

Once the job has finished, the process log will list every invoice that was prepared in the job and display the party profiles that the invoices were generated for.

Creating the Invoices 

Now that the invoices have been prepared, we will need to start the Invoice Creation process. To do this, go to Administration → Finance → Invoice Creation.

You will see two date fields. All invoices that prepared within the date range specified will be brought up in the search results.

Once you have selected the date range, click on the Search button to bring up all invoices that are scheduled to be created within the date range.

Confirm the invoices that you would like to create as part of this job, you can also change the Invoice Date if desired. Click on the Confirm Invoices button once you have confirmed your invoices.

Once again, confirm the invoices that you would like to create. You can change the Invoice Template at this step if desired. 

Click on the Create Invoices Now button once you have confirmed all of the details.

This will start the process of creating the invoices.

Reviewing Generated Invoices

One of the easier ways to review the invoices that were created in the process is to go to the Finance Hub.

Click on the Invoices tab and click on the search button. This will bring up a list of invoices.

Click on the Invoice Date header to sort the invoices by the date that they were created. This will allow you to review the most recent invoices that were created.

 Additional Reading

Here is some additional reading on the financial systems:

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