Process: Adding a Payment Option for a Course

Payment Options allow you to set some pre-filled invoicing options for a course. In this article, we will go over the process of setting up a Payment Option for a course.


Find the Course

To find the course that you would like to set up the Payment Options for, go to Courses → Course List.

This will bring up a list of active courses on your site, click on the desired course to view the course details page.

On the left side of the page, click on Finance → Payment Options then click on the New button.


Payment Options will not be an available to access if the course has Automatic Smart Fees enabled.

Setting up the Payment Option

This is where you can set the options for your Payment Option.

  1. Date From: Sets the date from when the Payment Option will be available.
  2. Date To: Sets the date from when the Payment Option will not be available to use anymore.
  3. Type: The type of Payment Option that you would like to set. for most use cases, this can be to Option.
  4. Category: Sets the Ledger category for the Payment Option.
  5. Default Option: Enabling this option will set this Payment Option as the default one selected when enrolling a student into this course.
  6. Payment Due Terms (Days): Sets the due date for the invoice that is created from this Payment Option. 
  7. Additional Payment Gateway Parameters: Allows you to add parameters for the payment gateway if a user is redirected there.
  8. Available on: Allows you to make this Payment Option available on Course Forms (including in the Student Portal) and the OEP.
  9. Discount (Quantity): If you're bulk enrolling students into the course, this field can set the amount of students that have to be enrolled for discounts to be available.
  10. Discount (Code): Checking this allows you to enter a discount code when you are enrolling students with this Payment Option.
    Discount Codes can be configured in Administration → Lookups → Reference Data → Discount Codes.
  11. Scholarships: Displays the Scholarships menu when you are enrolling students using this Payment Option.
    Scholarships can be configured in Administration → Lookups → Reference Data → Scholarships.
  12. Name: Sets the name of the Payment Option.
  13. Description: Sets the description of the Payment Option.

Line Item Information

This is where you will need to place the financial information for the line item.

  • Ledger: The Ledger that this line item is from. This is important if you export your financial data to an external system.
  • Line Item: The name of the item that you are charging for.
  • C%: Checking this will take the Agent’s commission out of the total amount.
  • Employer Rate: Sets how the Employer rate is calculated.
  • Subledger: Allows you to set a subledger item for the line item, this information is exported to external financial systems.
  • Amount: Amount that you would like to charge for this line item before modifiers are applied.
  • PNH: Checking this box will multiply the amount by the total Nominal Hours for the units in the enrolment.
  • Deferred Revenue: If you make use of the Amortisation or Draw Down functions, checking this box will flag the line item as deferred revenue.
  • Tax: Sets whether GST is applied to the total or if the item is GST free.

Once you have all of the options set, click on the Create button.

You have now created a Payment Option for a Course.

 Additional Reading

Here is some additional reading on the financial systems:

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