QVault Overview

QVault is a digital certificate management system that allows you to issue certificates to your students online. This article will go through the process of setting up your system to work with QVault.


Ensure that QVault has been been properly connected with your system before proceeding. For more information on how to do this, please contact your Customer Success Manager or ReadyTech Support.

Making use of the QVault Connection

The Digital Certificates feature will make a checkbox appear on pages that allow you to create certificates.

The Digital Certificate Exported checkbox will allow the certificate to be passed through to QVault when you create it. This checkbox will appear on the following pages:

  • Certificate creation page for a specific student.
  • Certificate creation page for a course.
  • Certificate creation page under the Progress Centre.

After the certificate has been created and the Digital Export Enabled checkbox is checked, it will be passed through to your QVault system.

It is also possible to export certificates that have already been created. You can do this by going to the student’s certificates and clicking on the Edit Certificate button next to the desired certificate.

You can enable the Digital Export Enabled checkbox on this page and save the change. This will pass the certificate over to your QVault system.

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