Release 2022.09

Release 2022.09  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre.  


Key Changes: 

  • TCSI sync status indicators 

  • USI Web Services v5 

  • Quality of life improvements across the platform 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tuesday 6 September 2022 

  • Phase II: Tuesday 13 September 2022 



TCSI Sync Status Indicators 

TCSI sync status indicators have been added to all major individual records pages to allow users to easily monitor and sync records from each page directly without navigating to the full record list in the Integrations Centre.  

These statuses are only visible for clients who have the TCSI feature flag turned on and have successfully setup the TCSI API integration. Sync statuses have been added to the following pages:  

  1. Location
  2. Program 
  3. Program Location 
  4. Party (VSL/Fee-Help) 
  5. Against each Party SA-HELP record in the table on Party VSL/Fee-Help Enrolment 
  6. Against each Client Unit of Study record in the table on an Enrolment 
  7. Certificate Register  

A series of sync statuses are available for each relevant page:  


If the record is not yet ready for reporting to TCSI, the status will be Not Applicable. If the record does not exist, the status will be Never Synced. If the status is Queued, it automatically refreshes every 5 seconds so that the user can see it change after the sync is completed if they leave the page open. 


Clicking a TCSI status indicator will open a new TCSI sync modal window. This shows some details of the record, the last sync dates and TCSI UID from the record if it exists, and its last 10 TCSI API sync logs. If the status is Not Applicable, a list of reasons for why the record is not yet ready for TCSI reporting will appear. 


The user can ignore/monitor the record, or sync directly from the modal. Pressing Sync will cause the modal to refresh to show the Queued status, and while in Queued status it will automatically refresh every 5 seconds to show the outcome of the sync if the user keeps it open. 


USI Web Services v5 

We have implemented all the changes required to support the latest USI Web Services version 5 update which the USI live from 1st September.  

From an end user's perspective the changes are: 

  • A mandatory driver’s license card number field for all States and Territories except Victoria and Queensland 

  • Emojis are now blocked in free text fields, like names (not allowed by the system anyway). Note: special characters already allowed in name fields should not be restricted with the emoji / image restrictions. 

There is a new field to allow capturing of the new card number field in jurisdictions where that is available on the Create USI screen. 


While we were there we have also improved the system when entering a date of birth to allow user to choose a value from a calendar. 


Party Invoice page 

Added a Finance Summary section with 6 new widgets on the Party → Finance → Invoice page 



Event Clash Detection 

The event clash detection logic has been improved so that it correctly detects when events overlap and are located in the same room. Previously, clashes were only detected when there was an exact match on the “Title” of the 2 events and they had an exact match on both the start and end times. 



Feedback Forms Assignee 

The “Assignee” field for feedback forms has been improved so it now includes users without the Staff role. The sorting has also been improved to sort by type and then alphabetically by first name and last name. 



Invoice Triggers 

The Frequency field has been removed as an option when configuring an Immediate invoice trigger. The Frequency field will only be available when configuring a Scheduled invoice trigger. This is because an immediate invoice trigger is expected to trigger once (not on a recurring schedule/frequency) 

  • Course > Payment Option 




Course Units API 

We have added a new flag enabled_includes_only course units API that will allow users to filter out any disabled units. 

Enrolment API 

The ability to set and certify/ratify an outcome for an enrolment unit is now possible through the /webservice/enrolment_units endpoint.  

Course Forms 

We have made the Payment Gateway Provider field mandatory for course forms with payments enabled to ensure that payments are not enabled for course forms without also including a method to pay by. 


We have made some improvements to event automations, and now when adding automations against existing events that target the Event Start or End time, the attendees are being included in the task queue. 

Session Expiry 

We have implemented a new pop-up screen to warn users when a session is about to expire, this screen will give the user an option to extend their session without being logged out. 


Or if when it has expired: 

Inserting image... 


Student Import 

We’ve made a few updates on our Student Import function. 

  1. The Student Import function has been updated to ignore blanks if the corresponding value is blank in the upload file. 

  2. A new Bypass Conflicts is introduced to the Student Import function to process data that is not limited to 50 records 
  3. The Student Import template file has been updated to include the Funding Source National. If a valid value exists in the upload file, then it will be used to create a new enrolment. If no value exists, then the Funding Source National value will be sourced from the Course. 



24257 – we have fixed an issue on the Batch Processes page where some of the links were not working correctly 

24110 - We have fixed an issue where the same Party record could appear multiple times on the Community search page 

24105 - we have fixed an issue where the Complete Now button was showing incorrectly against Course Applications that had been created directly by an admin user (i.e. no course form had been created that could be completed) 

24061 - We’ve fixed an issue where the Reason field associated with a Course Application status was not being saved correctly. 

24372 - we’ve fixed an issue where the “Last Updated By” field for a Feedback Form was incorrectly showing the forms Party when an admin user had made the last update to that form. 

24758 - We have fixed an issue where copying a course would not copy the setting for Automatic SmartFees option correctly. 

24947 - Fixed: we have fixed an issue with Course Forms where an incorrect error could display on submission when enrolling into multiple courses. 

24750 - Fixed: we have fixed an issue where the cover page could be duplicated when editing a course form 

20904 - Fixed: we have resolved an issue where the number of tasks didn’t match between the dashboard widget and the list page. 

22009 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue that could prevent the deletion of questions on forms that have been previously copied. 

24968 – Fixed: We have resolved a bug in address fields. International address records can now be added with only the Country field populated. 

24782 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue that prevented disabled contracts from appearing on the screen in some situations when viewing old records. 

24816 – Fixed: We have fixed a minor layout issue on the Programme certification page 

24423 – Fixed: We fixed an issue where the Insert Link button on Course Forms was unresponsive. 

24411 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue with Course Forms where a validation for the existence of a Payment Option on the associated Course would occur even when Payments were disabled. 

20742 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue that prevented users from assigning blank outcomes to Subjects in the Progress Centre. 

23724 - Fixed: We have resolved an issue where mixing Immediate and Scheduled invoice trigger fee items together was incorrectly invoicing both items as if they had an Immediate invoice trigger. 

23976 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue with the Task list widget options list may not open correctly from the dashboard. 

24013 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue where if a user had over 10 Host Families with the same name, this was limiting the Host Family search when setting up a Homestay Service. 

24123 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue where the wrong party could appear in the Party activity feed from an OEP Enrolment. 

24223 - Fixed: We’ve adjusted the WA RAPT Reporting logic to exclude units that are deemed “Fee for Service”: 

  • Units with a contract value of “No Contract” will no longer appear in RAPT Reporting Extract 

  • Units with the following Funding Source National Value should not appear in RAPT Reporting Extract: 

  1. 20: Domestic client

  2. 30: International client (no longer current, but was used for data prior to 2020)

  3. 31: International onshore client - other revenue 
  4. 32: International offshore client - other revenue 

24417 - Fixed: We have resolved an issue in the enrolment wizard where the default Payment Option was not automatically selected if it had a type of Smart Fees. 

24448 - Fixed: We have resolved an issue when uploading XLTX documents that would result in them being downloaded as Zip files instead. 

24563 - Fixed: we have resolved an issue where the Bulk SMS modal was not closing correctly. 

24599 - Fixed: We have resolved an issue on the Prospects Kanban view where the numbers displayed against each status were not always displaying correctly. 

25759 - Fixed: we have resolved an issue where a form cover page could be duplicated when editing a course form. 

24995 - Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the cover page was appearing in the wrong order when editing course forms 

24804 – Fixed: We have resolved an issue that allowed deleting the payment page when editing a course form. 

25072 – Fixed: We have implemented some changes that will prevent users overwriting System Status Codes by disallowing users from checking “Offer Accepted Status” on System Codes. 

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