Process: Adding an Academic/Trainer to a Course

Academics/Trainers are assigned to courses and can be seen as the people teaching the course. In this article, we will go over the process of adding an Academic to a course.

  Required: Process: Adding a Staff Profile

You will need to have Academics/Trainers already added as Staff members before proceeding:


Adding the Academic/Trainer to the Program Level


The terms Academic and Trainer are interchangeable. The Academic field may be called the Trainer field on your system, but there is no difference in functionality.

To assign an Academic/Trainer to a course, you will need to assign them to the Program above the course first. 

An easy way to get to the Program for a course is to go to the Course Page and click on the link to the Program.

This will bring you to the Program level. Staff that have been assigned to the Program level will appear under the Staff tab. 

To add a new Academic/Trainer to the Staff list in the Program, click on the Edit button then click on the Staff tab.

You will see a list of Staff under two headings, Current Academics and Available Academics. Anyone under the Current Academics heading will be available to select at the course level. 

To add more Academics/Trainers under the Current Academics heading, scroll down to the Available Academics heading and check the Add box next to each one that you would like to add. 

Once you have assigned your Academics/Trainers, click on the Save button. 

Selecting the Academic/Trainer at the Course Level

Now that you have the Academics/Trainers assigned at the Program level, you can select them for the course. 

Go to the Course Page and click on the Edit button. 

Scroll down until you see the Academic field and click on the dropdown menu, you should see all the Academics/Trainers that you assigned at the Program level. 

Select an Academic/Trainer and click on the Update button. 

You have now added an Academic/Trainer to a course. 

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