Process: Updating Your RTO Company Details

RTO company details might need to be updated for various different reasons. In this article, we will go over the process of finding your company party profile and updating the details.

Find your Company’s Party Profile 

You can find the party profile for your company by going to Administration → Configuration → Preferences.

Click on the link next to the Name field, this will take you to the party profile for your Company. 

You can change the details for the party profile by clicking on the Edit button.

Updating your RTO Company Details


Some of the information entered here is reported in your AVETMISS extracts. Please ensure that all information entered is accurate.

  1. Legal Name: The legal name for the RTO company.
  2. Trading Name: The trading name for the RTO company.
  3. Industry: If your company is classified as operating with a specific industry, you can select the industry here.
    The options that appear here can be configured under Administration → Lookups → Reference Data → Industry.
  4. Company Level: Allows you to select the level at which the company operates (Local, State or National)
  5. Account Owner: You can select a person to assign as an account owner for the company. The dropdown will display all parties that are assigned as Staff.
  6. Company Type: Selects the Type for the Company. The type will affect how some companies will appear in the system.
    Company Types can be configured under Administration → Lookups → Reference Data → Company Type.
  7. ID: The Party ID for the company, one is usually generated automatically if a specific ID isn’t entered during the creation process. 
  8. Status: Sets whether the Company is Active or Inactive. This is mostly for internal recordkeeping and will not affect how the profile is displayed.
  9. ANZSIC Code: Selects the ANZSIC Code for the company. These are pulled from Administration → Lookups → Compliance Data → ANZSIC Code.
  10. # of Employees: The number of Employees that the company has.
  11. Source: Selects the source of the company in the system. The options here can be configured under Administration → Lookups → Reference Data → Sales Lead Source.
  12. Description: Allows you to write a short description of the company.
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