Debit Success Overview

Debit Success is a payment platform that focuses on allowing users to pay towards outstanding invoices in instalments. In this article, we will go over how to setup the Debit Success integration.



You will need to have Payment Plans enabled before proceeding. Please contact ReadyTech Support or your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Adding the Integration

The Debit Success integration can be added by going through Administration → Configuration → Preferences.

Go to Integration → Integrated Systems and click on the New button. 

This will bring up some options for integrations to set up, click on the Connect button in the Debit Success tile. 


Only one Debit Success integration can exist per system, the Connect button will be greyed out if one already exists. 

Entering your Debit Success Settings

  1. Name: Name for your Debit Success integration, this can be anything as it's only used for internal recordkeeping purposes.
  2. Server URL: The URL for your Debit Success environment.
  3. Client ID: The API key for your Debit Success environment, you should’ve received this from Debit Success when your environment was set up.
  4. Client Secret: The API secret for your Debit Success environment, you should’ve received this from Debit Success along with your API key.
  5. OMG URL: The Online Management Gateway URL for your Debit Success environment. 
  6. Business Account ID: The Business Account ID for your Debit Success environment.
  7. Brand Template Identifier: The identifier for the brand template that is used when creating a new account template. The tooltip next to this field will explain how to obtain the information.
  8. Number of Days Until First Instalment: The number of days until the first instalment must be paid. This starts form the day that the payment Plan was created.
  9. Payment Source: Sets the default Payment Source for payments made towards any payment plans.
  10. Allow Minors: If your Debit Success environment is set up to allow payments from minors, check this box.
  11. Enabled: Sets whether the integration is enabled or not.

Once the required settings have been entered, click on the Test Connection button to check if the integration will connect with your Debit Success environment.

If the test was successful, click on the Save button to create the integration on your system. 

 Additional Reading

With the Debit Success integration set up, you can now create Payment Plans:

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