Process: Creating a Payment Plan

Payment Plans allow students to pay off any outstanding invoices in instalments, this is managed by Debit Success via an integration in your system. In this article, we will go over the process of creating a Payment Plan for a student.

  Required: Debit Success Overview

Payment Plans are meant to be used in conjunction with the Debit Success integration.


Finding the Student

To create a Payment Plan, the person will need to have an invoice tied to their party profile. Go to the Party Profile for the student and click on the Payment Plans option under Finance.

Click on the New button to create a Payment Plan.

Entering the Payment Plan Details

  • Type: Sets the Type for the Payment Plan.
  • Invoice: Selects the invoice that the Payment Plan will be attached to. The invoice must exist before you create the Payment Plan. 
  • Total Payment Plan Amount: The total amount that needs to be paid in the Payment Plan.
  • Number of Instalments: The number of instalments that the Payment Plan will contain. The number entered here will be used to divide the Total Payment Plan Amount into equal instalments.
  • Billing Frequency: Sets how often the student needs to make payments towards the Payment Plan. 
  • Start Date: Sets the start date for the Payment Plan.
  • End Date: The end date for the Payment Plan, this is automatically calculated based on what is entered into some of the previous fields.
  • Description: A text box that allows you to enter a brief description for the Payment Plan.

Once each field has been filled, the Schedule for the Payment Plan will be generated automatically. This will display the date that each instalment must be paid and how much needs to be paid. 

Click on the Create button once you have entered all of the details.

The Sync Job for your Payment Plans

There is an hourly job that is run in the background of your system. This job will sync the details for Payment Plans between your system and your Debit Success environment. 

These jobs can be viewed by going to Administration → Audit / Logs → Batch Log.

Any changes made to the Payment Plan will automatically be pushed to each system when the hourly Integration Tasks job is run. 


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