MessageMedia Overview

Using the MessageMedia integration, you can set up text messaging from your system. In this article, we will go over setting up the MessageMedia integration.

  Required: MessageMedia Customer Account

MessageMedia is a separate service and will require an account to use. You can sign up for MessageMedia here.


Setting Up The Integration

To set up the integration, go to Administration → Configuration → Preferences.

Click on Integration then click on Integrated Systems

Click on the New button to create a new integration.

This should bring up a page of integrations that are available to set up, click on the Connect button in the MessageMedia tile.

Entering Your Integration Settings

  • Name: The name for your integration, this can be anything as it’s only used for internal recordkeeping purposes. 
  • System URL: You must enter the following link into this field:
  • Username: The Client Key (or 'API Client') that you receive from MessageMedia must be entered here.
  • Password: The Client Secret (or 'API Secret') that you receive from MessageMedia must be entered here.
  • Enable Source Name/Number: Checking this will bring up a field where you can enter a source number.
    • Source number will be displayed as the sender of the text message. Any source numbers that you specify here must be setup in your MessageMedia account settings as well.

Once you have entered all your settings, click on the Save button.

 Additional Reading

Now that you have the MessageMedia integration set up, you can send SMS messages to students:

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