Process: Sending SMS Messages to Students

If you have the MessageMedia integration set up on your system, you can send SMS messages to students. In this article, we will go over the process of sending SMSs to students.

  Required: MessageMedia Overview

You will not be able to follow this article without having the MessageMedia integration set up first:


Sending a Message to a Student

To send a message to a student, go to their party profile and click on SMS → Compose.


Make sure the party profile has a phone number entered, otherwise you will not be able to access the SMS compose page.

  • To: The number that the message will be sent to. The primary phone number for the party profile will be in this field by default.
  • From: You can select a number to send the message from, these numbers can be set up in the integration settings as Source Numbers.
  • Template: If you have SMS templates set up, you can select one here to pre-fill the message.
    SMS templates can be setup by going to Administration → Templates → Entities → Party.
  • Message: The actual content of the message that you want to send to the student. 


Only plain text is supported, you cannot use template merge fields or hyperlinks in SMSs.

Once you have entered the required information on this page, click on the Send button. 

Sending a Message to Multiple Students

There are two main ways to send SMSs to multiple students:

  • Course Level: Go to the course and click on SMS → Compose.
    • This page is like the one when sending an SMS to a single student, except you can select multiple students under the Recipients heading.
    • Check the box next to each student that you would like to receive the message, click on the Create button to send the message to the students.
  • Enrolment List: You can access the Enrolment List via Enrolments → Enrolment List.
    • Do a search for all the students that you would like to message. Once you have the students listed, click on the Bulk Actions button to display a checkbox next to each student.
    • Check the box next to each student you want to message, click on the dropdown arrow next to the Bulk Actions button and select the SMS option.
    • A small window should pop up. Confirm that the students selected are correct and write your message into the Message field.
    • Click on the Send button to send the message to the selected students.
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