Release 2022.10

Release 2022.10  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • New integration for QVault (digital certificates) 
  • Victorian AVETMISS Reporting – New field for Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers 
  • TCSI sync status indicators 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Wednesday 5 October 2022 
  • Phase II: Tuesday 11 October 2022 



QVault integration (digital certificates)  

The new integration between JR Plus and QVault calls the Plus API and digitally issues all certificates to the QVault platform.  

The following changes have been made to give granular control over which certificates will be issued to QVault and can be enabled from the help->about Digital certificates flag. 


Enrolment preferences Default Value 

In Enrolment Preferences (Administration->Configuration->Preferences->Enrolment) a new flag called Digital Certificate Export Default has been added that is available when the Digital Certificates feature is enabled. Checking this will cause the Digital Export Enabled flag on new certificates to be checked by default. 

Manual Certificate Creation 

When manually creating a certificate in JobReady Plus either from a course, individual party, or the Progress Centre you now have the option to check Digital Export Enabled in the template section. 


Edit certificate 

The Digital Export Enabled flag has also been added to the certificate edit page so that it can be adjusted on existing certificates as required. 


Automatic certificate creation 

The Digital Export Enabled flag has also been added to Programs with automatic award creation enabled. When automate is enabled for a program (Program->Details->Awards->Automate) and the Digital Export Enabled flag is checked, automatically created awards will be flagged for digital export. 



The Digital Export Enabled flag and a new recorded_date field have been added to the JobReady Plus API endpoints: 

  • GET /webservice /certificates - List Certificates 

  • Added a new URL parameter to allow filtering by this new flag: digital_certificate_enabled (boolean) 

  • POST /webservice /enrolments /{enrolment_identifier} /certificates - Create a Certificate 

  • GET /webservice /certificates /{id} - Retrieve a Certificate 

  • POST /webservice /certificates /{id} - Update a Certificate 


Victorian AVETMISS Reporting – New field for Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers 

A new reference data page for “Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers” has been added to support Victorian SVTS reporting in 2023. 





Immediate Invoice Triggers 

When selecting the “Immediate” method for the invoice trigger for a fee, you will now be limited to only select from 2 different Events. The available Events for Immediate invoicing are: 

  • Enrolment Creation 

  • Offer Acceptance 



Custom Fields for Outcomes 

We have added the ability to configure custom fields for your Outcomes. Configuring custom fields is done through Administration → Templates → Entities. 

API endpoints for Outcomes and Outcome Types will now return an array of Custom Fields for each Outcome. 



System Rights – Party Claims 

We have fixed the logic for the “Party Claims Edit” and “Party Claims View” system rights as they were not working correctly. An additional system right for “Party Claims All” has been added that will have both Edit and View rights. 




We have made some improvements to Automations so that if an Automation Task is added to a Course, or a new System Task is created, and that task refers to either the Enrolment Start or Enrolment End Date, it will now correctly update the Task Queue for existing Students provided they meet the required conditions. 



Enrolment List - load time improvement 

We have improved the load time of the enrolment list by “lazy loading” the two tuition columns 



Bulk Certificate Preparation 

We have added new template rules to be used when generating Statement of Attainment awards to assist with the bulk award creation process. 

The new options should be used on Statement award types when not all units in a program will be completed but a statement award is required. 

Implementing this will also resolve an issue where bulk actions could result in a blank certificates being generated against students where not all of the units are completed. 




  • 25129 – The Party > Finance > Invoices page will now show any credit notes applied to Invoices in the “Paid” column. 
  • 24952 - We have fixed an issue where alerts from the Smart Fee Library were appearing on other pages. 
  • 25074 - We have fixed an issue where the Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page would sometimes have the incorrect template selected. 
  • 22797 - An issue was resolved that prevented equipment from being added to events. 
  • 22995 - We have resolved a UI display issue when searching the Prospects page. 
  • 23640 - We have made some minor UI fixes to our Unit of Study more details page. 
  • 24002 - A bug has been fixed where the search function in the Chat feature only searches for students within the users current provider by default. The Provider Search Filter can be added (if the user has access to) to search for students across providers. 
  • 24172 - A bug has been fixed where the search function in the Chat dashboard widget only searches for students within the users current provider by default. The Provider Search Filter can be added (if the user has access to) to search for students across providers. 
  • 24268 - We have fixed layout of top menu for low resolution screens (VTCloud) 
  • 24521 - We have made an amendment to the exported WA RAPT - enrolment text file to remove blank spaces that were being applied to the TRS Number. 
  • 25081 - We have resolved an issue that prevented certificates being displayed in the Student Portal when ‘Portal’ flag was enabled on the certificate when it had been autogenerated from a Program completion. 
  • 25204 – We have resolved an issue where USI couldn’t be created when using a Victorian or Queensland Drivers License. 
  • 25227 - Fixed an issue where Party Contact information was not properly exporting when using the Report Builder. 
  • 20524 - We have fixed an issue with Course Forms where the ordering of the fields was not being saved correctly in some scenarios. 
  • 21182 - Updated the Party Audit Trail to improve the accuracy of data and removed some of the fields that are available in Party Address and Party Phone/email Audit trail reports. 
  • 21253 – A problem causing Login Messages to start appearing later than they were scheduled has been fixed. 
  • 21376 - Fixed an issue where html was not formatting correctly in Online Enrolment Portal. 
  • 21563 - Fixed error page in Progress Centre when searching for Events under Attendance. 
  • 21745 - We have resolved an issue with the breadcrumbs on AVETMISS reporting not allowing users to navigate directly through step using the page breadcrumbs. 
  • 22056 - Fixed an issue with certificate templates that have more than 50 characters in the title. 
  • 22325 - We have updated our API to allow the user to request the list of transfers that have been carried out on a specific Enrolment ID. Previously, this would return all transfers that had been made against all enrolments. 
  • 22402 - We have updated the Highest Education level item “Year 9 or lower” to “Year 9 or equivalent” in accordance with current AVETMISS standards. 
  • 22526 - We identified that Health settings couldn't be updated against an enrolment without encountering an error page and this has now been resolved. 
  • 25353 - We fixed an issue that would duplicate some scheduled invoice items when a student paid via a course form. 
  • 19674 - We have resolved a potential UI issue that could display HTML code on feedback form responses using the Party->AVETMISS->Education type field. 
  • 21901 - We fixed a broken link to Custom Reports in the Employment Details page. 
  • 22051 - We fixed an issue where support staff field was being cleared when the event is successfully created 
  • 23338 - We have resolved a 1c rounding issue that could occur in some instances on various pages including Course Payment Options, New Quotes, Unit Scope Fees, Group Payment Options and the Host Family Variation pages. 
  • 23864 - We have resolved an issue that could result in rounding errors when applying discounts, when using Secure Pay with Pay Now and Pay Later payment options. 
  • 23870 - We have resolved an issue that prevented pre-requisites and co-requisites from being added on a Unit of Study 
  • 23879 - We fixed the issue where disabling and then re-enabling a Smart Fees invoice option, was calculating the invoice amount incorrectly. 
  • 24870 - We have resolved an issue with the Certificate Standard Report to ensure all enabled certificates are exported. 
  • 24982 - We have implemented some improvements to ensure that a Date Program Complete is not reported in cases where the Program Status Identifier has been recorded as a withdrawn type status. 
  • 25138 - When reporting data to SVTS and recording an outcome of 85 - Not Yet Started, the tuition fee will be reported correctly. 
  • 24999 - We have resolved an Issue that prevented Certificate type email templates being usable in some areas of the UI. 
  • 25051 - We fixed a rare issue that could occur when using Party: Full name in the report builder where the field would appear blank. 
  • 25066 - We have resolved an issue that prevented PDF invoices being created on auto-enrolled course applications. 
  • 25158 - We have reinstated the Cancel button functionality in the Course->Transfer Course action so that user is returned to the originating enrolment. 
  • 25346 - We fixed an issue with how the system was handling the date selector for preparing invoices. 
  • 25314 - We have resolved an issue where some invoice items were being excluded from a Microsoft Dynamics invoice extract 
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