Scheduled Hours Improvements

We have made some improvements to the UI and reporting wizard to make reporting Scheduled Hours and Hours Attended easier. In this article, we will go over the new changes and what you need to do to ensure that your reporting is correct.


Changes in the UI

There will be some changes to how Scheduled Hours and Hours Attended are recorded in the UI. To view the changes, go to any Enrolment → Units and click on the Advanced button next to a unit.

You will notice that the Scheduled Hours/Delivered Hours fields have been removed from the unit details. Depending on which State the enrolment is in, you will see one of two things.

  • The fields have been replaced with two new fields, Unit Scheduled Hours and Unit Hours Attended. This will occur if the enrolment is within any state that isn’t South Australia.
  • The fields have been replaced with one new field, Unit Actual Hours. This will occur if the enrolment is within South Australia.

This allows you to enter separate values for these fields and report them, instead of having one field against the unit to report both. 

Changes to Field Behaviour 

Unit Scheduled Hours

The new Unit Scheduled Hours field will inherit the value from the Nominal Hours field for the unit (or the State specific one if applicable). This will occur if no value is entered manually at the unit level. 

There will be a purple dot next to the Unit Scheduled Hours field to signify this. 

Given the inheritance behaviour, there will probably be limited situations where this field value will need to be edited. 

One such scenario is for reporting of superseded units. In which case it is necessary to reduce the Unit Scheduled Hours of the superseded subject, by the Actual Hours Attended reported for the superseded unit. 

Units Hours Attended

Unit Hours Attended will typically be used to record the hours of training delivered prior to a withdrawal. The other situation is again for superseded units where the hours of training delivered prior to the recording of the superseded result.

Changes to Reporting

With the changes to the fields in the unit details, there will be some changes to how these values are reported in the AVETMISS files. 

The new Unit Hours Attended field will contain the previous Scheduled Hours data as of Release. This was done to ensure that there were minimal data discrepancies between your reports, since the previous Scheduled Hours data is now in the same space as the new Unit Hours Attended data in the NAT files.  

Depending on how your units are set up, the new Unit Scheduled Hours field should either be blank, contain the previous Scheduled Hours field value, or report the Nominal Hours for that unit. 

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