Release 2022.13

Release 2022.13  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • Canvas Learning Management System integration improvements
  • Victoria reporting and NAT130 reporting enhancements
  • New Payment Plans and eCAF manager functionality 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tuesday 13 December 2022 
  • Phase II: Tuesday 20 December 2022 



API Rate Limiting  

26007 -  We have implemented API Rate limiting for all sites. A sites limit can be viewed in Help->About->Internal Configuration->API Rate Limit. The rate limit value is set by ReadyTech admins. API documentation has been updated to reflect this change, users will receive the following error: 429 Too Many Requests (Rate Limit Exceeded) response when the limit has been exceeded. 



Canvas Integration 

20848: The Canvas integration module workflow now supports the use of the Excused grade and cases where a student is not assigned all assignments in a course. Previously either of these cases would prevent the grade from being passed back to JRPlus. 

20846: The Canvas integration subject workflow now supports the use of the Excused grade and cases where a student is not assigned all assignments in a course. Previously either of these cases would prevent the grade from being passed back to JRPlus. 


Unit Contract Value 

We have implemented changes so that when a Unit has been submitted for claiming for the first time, the Contract Value on the Unit is permanently assigned to that, regardless of any changes to the contract on the enrolment. This will useful in situations where an enrolment contract can change, e.g. Qld where users are required to update for annual contracts.   

NOTE This only happens when generating a submission using the Claim Reporting functionality, not normal AVETMISS reporting. 


Reporting – Victoria 

Commencing Program Cohort Identifier 

26066: We have added the new Victorian, Commencing Program Cohort Identifier to all AVETMISS and Claims Reporting extracts from 2023 as per Vic reporting requirements. 

Resource Fees 

We have refined reporting of Client Fees - Other (Resource fees) in Victoria ensuring that all supported methods for raising these (Smart Fees, Payment Options - Unit, or Enrolment or Course Resource fee values) can be reported. Resource Fees recorded at the Course level, through Smart Fees or Payment Options will be allocated across all eligible units as per Vic requirements. 

For Resource Fees these will be allocated against each unit that is not a Practical Placement. The value reported for each Unit will consider “Resource Fees” raised as Smart Fees or regular Fees (Payment Options) assigned against the enrolment, plus any amounts allocated as Resource Fees against each Unit (using Smart Fees or regular Fees). If no fees have been raised against the enrolment, the Resource Fee allocated (in Claims & Funding tab) to the enrolment, or failing that the Resource Fee of the Course will be applied. 

Tuition Fees 

We have updated the reporting of Tuition Fess in Victoria so that tuition fees are correctly reported for each unit when using a mix of enrolment and unit level fees using Smart Fees or Payment Options as per Victorian requirements. You can continue to use the Tuition Fee - Unit Hourly Rate as a shortcut if your organisation does not use the SMS for invoicing and that will continue to have priority over individual Tuition Fees at the Enrolment or Unit level. 

Tuition Fees will be handled in a similar way to Resource Fees. These will be allocated against each unit that is not a Practical Placement, or Units with Credit Transfer, Recognition of Current Competency, Not Yet Started, or units with a Fee Exemption recorded.  The value reported for each Unit will consider “Tuition Fees” raised as Smart Fees or regular Fees (Payment Options) assigned against the enrolment, plus any amounts allocated as Tuition Fees against each Unit (using Smart Fees or regular Fees). These are divided by the Nominal Hours of the unit to get the reported Hourly rate. If no fees have been raised against the enrolment, the Tuition Fee (Unit Hourly Rate), in Claims & Funding tab, allocated to the enrolment, or failing that the Tuition Fee (Unit Hourly Rate) of the Course will be applied. 


NAT130 reporting (all jurisdictions) 

We have made a change to the inclusion logic when determining records included in the NAT130 report.  

It is now possible to report enrolments with all unit activity completed in a previous year, yet still have an enrolment end date in the current reporting year, to be included for NAT130 reporting if the reportable certificate was recorded or issued in the current reporting year. 


Outcomes – Ignore Prerequisites checkbox 

Outcomes now have a new option for “Ignore Prereqs”. You can tick this option on an Outcome to allow it to be used on any unit that does not have it’s pre-requisites completed. This could be useful if you wish to plan or enrol students into units using non-reportable outcomes prior to the pre-requisites being completed. 



Audit Trail – Payment Plans 

The Audit Trail page will now show you changes to Payment Plan records if you search for the Entity = “Party: Party Payment Plan”. 



Payment Plans – Overdue Status 

We have added a new Overdue Status called “Overdue” for Internal type Payment Plans. Previously, when an Internal type Payment Plan first falls overdue it would change the Overdue Status from OK to “Overdue Attempt 1”. Now, it will change the Overdue Status automatically to “Overdue”. You can manually set the “Overdue Attempt x” statuses to track attempts to follow up overdue internal type Payment Plans. 




eCAF Manager 

We have added 2 new fields for Enrolment Date to the eCAF Manager page. You can filter on these fields and show/hide them in the list using the column picker. These fields are intended to be used to find enrolments that need to have an eCAF created once the 2 day cooling off period has passed. 

  1. Enrolment Date: this is the “Created” date of the enrolment that we always pass through to eCAF as the “Enrolment Date” value on the eCAF side. We use the “Created” date for this purpose for all enrolments including Victorian ones 
  2. Enrolment Date (VIC): this is the special Victorian only Enrolment Date field on enrolments in the system. This value does not get passed through to eCAF. We have included it here as it may be more appropriate for some Training Providers in Victoria to use this Enrolment date to calculate the 2 day cooling off period. 




Party Compliance Checks Permissions 

Feedback Form User Permissions 

We have added some additional system rights for users to access the Compliance checks page against a party record. This includes: 

  • Viewing Compliance Checks 
  • Editing Compliance checks 


SMS Count on Course 

We have removed the SMS count on the Course->SMS->History menu for performance reasons. 



API Updates 


We’ve added two new endpoints to allow a user to retrieve either many Email history records or a specific Email history record: 

  • GET /webservice/email_histories 
  • GET /webservice/email_histories/{id} 
As an extension of the GET calls for Email History, we’ve also exposed an API endpoint to populate the Email History of a nominated Party.
  • POST /webservice/email_histories/{party_identifier}



  • 26159 - We have fixed an issue with DebitSuccess payment plans where the status could incorrectly revert to “Awaiting Signature”. 
  • 26015 - We have fixed an issue where payments could be duplicated if you have multiple Training Providers with a DebitSuccess integration. 
  • 26209 - We have resolved an issue viewing SMS history from the Comms Centre 
  • 24176 – We have resolved an issue where Australian mobile numbers recorded with a 61 country code prefix were not working when sending an SMS. 
  • 26201 - We have resolved an error 500 that was appearing when accessing an enrolment’s units of study page 
  • 26185 - We fixed an issue where the API was allowing for courses to be created despite validation errors present in the response. 
  • 26121 - We have fixed an issue with Course Form > Web Form when trying to delete the fields 
  • 26119 - We fixed an issue where students and staff could not be added to timetable events via links. 
  • 26016 - We fixed an issue where file notes created from students submitting assignments, were not appearing on the assignee’s task list.
  • 25959 - We have resolved an issue where tags could not be added to Party profiles in some circumstances. 
  • 25184 - We have improved the Transfer Enrolment process so that if Allow re-enrolments is disabled you wont be able to transfer a student to that course if they have already been enrolled previously. 
  • 25165 - Fixed an issue with AutoMate where multiple file notes were getting created when all units were marked as completed. 
  • 24802 - We have updated the Report Builder so that period filtering will now work as intended. 
  • 22294 - We have resolved some issues around the additional Units functionality so that changes applied in different areas of the system function the same. 
  • 21889 - We fixed an issue with the styling of our custom import records. 
  • 21888 - We have resolved an issue causing Bulk Emails to not work correctly with Saved Filters in the Enrolments list. 
  • 21873 - We have removed an errant error message that appears when deleting a Property. 
  • 21345 - We fixed an issue that was causing filters to not save when changing pages in the course list in the enrolment wizard. 
  • 19270 - We have resolved an issue so that commission payments can be paid against invoices with an Invoice with Status Type Active. 
  • 26018 - We have resolved an issue with the TCSI Integration Centre that resulted in an unexpected being displayed. 
  • 21518 - Updated Employment Category “Self Employed - Employing Others” to be in line with AVETMISS field on some customer databases that had an incorrect value of Employer entered. 
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