Release 2022.14

Release 2022.14

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • AVETMISS reporting functionality enhancements 
  • Tasmanian Tuition Fee and Resource Fee reporting improvements
  • New API endpoint for retrieving SMS history records 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tuesday 10 January 2023 
  • Phase II: Tuesday 17 January 2023 



Merge Multiple Provider AVETMISS Reporting 

We have implemented a new “Merge AVETMISS” feature that allows you to merge data from multiple Training Providers into a single set of AVETMISS files. This could be useful if your business requires security divisions to separate users under different Training Providers (but still report them as a single Training Provider for AVETMISS) 

VIC AVETMISS Improvement 

Victorian AVETMISS reporting has been improved so we no longer will report Credit Transfer units prior to the Course Commence Date. This is to meet compliance requirements that prevent you reporting units prior to training activity commencement. 

eCAF Integration Improvement 

The eCAF integration will now update the TFN and CHESSN values for a student once the eCAF submission has been completed by the student. When updating the TFN through this new process it will mark the TFN Status value as “eCAF Verified”. 

Single Name Students via DebitSuccess Payment Gateway 

It is now possible to create and pay a DebitSuccess Payment Plan if a student has only one name. 


Enrolment Page – Show Units 

We have added the VET disable field onto the Show Unit page when viewing an enrolment. 



Progress Centre Filters 

We have added a new Unit Outcome Type filter to the Progress Centre - Units tab to allow records to be filtered by Outcome Type. We have also renamed the existing Unit Outcome filter to Unit Outcome Identifier for clarification. 



Total Number of Weeks 

We have made some improvements to the usability of Total Number of Weeks field on the Edit enrolment page. 

Firstly the field is now displayed with the Target End Date field on the page: 


If the Start Date or Target End Date, an option to Set the Total Number of weeks will be displayed. 


Selecting Change or Set allows the user to provide a start date and adjust the total weeks, avoiding weekends if need be: 



Tasmanian Tuition Fee and Resource Fee reporting improvements 

We have refined reporting of Client Fees - Other (Resource fees) and Tuition Fees in Tasmania ensuring that all supported methods for raising these (Smart Fees, Payment Options - Unit, or Enrolment or Course Resource fee values) can be reported. Resource Fees recorded at the Course level, through Smart Fees or Unit Fees will be allocated across all eligible units as per Tasmanian requirements. 

We have also changed the labels on the Courses Page changing Course Fee to Upfront Tuition Fee and the Resource Fee to Upfront Resource Fee for consistency with Tasmanian terminology and have also updated the respective info messages. 

We have also updated the enrolment show page -> Claims and Funding tab to use the purple dot inheritance methods for greater clarity: 


API Updates 

Address API 

  • Street-Type is now optional in API POST requests to the resource Address. Previously, Street-Type was mandatory under certain conditions. 

Party API  

  • We have added the Citizenship Effective From date field to the Party API 

SMS Histories API 

  • Added new endpoint to allow a user to retrieve either many SMS history records or a specific SMS history record using the external_id on the following calls: 
    • GET /webservice/sms_histories 
    • GET /webservice/sms_histories/{id} 
    • POST /webservice/sms_histories/{id} 

Employee Enrolments API 

  • We’ve updated the Enrolment Employer API to expose all current fields within the Enrolment > Employer page. 

Courses API  

  • We have resolved an issue that would prevent the vet-in-schools field from being set in the Courses API. 



  • 21518 - Updated Employment Category “Self Employed - Employing Others” to be in line with AVETMISS field on some customer databases that had an incorrect value of Employer entered. 
  • 22883 - We have resolved an issue that could allow multiple copies of an SMS to be sent in certain circumstances. 
  • 22885 - We have resolved an issue that could allow multiple copies of an email to be sent in certain circumstances from the course email page. 
  • 26233 - We have implemented a change to disable the save button on the Edit Attendance page that will prevent users recording multiple attendances for the same event. 
  • 23295 - We have resolved an issue in the weekly planner that showed Trainers from all providers rather than just the current provider. 
  • 23652 - We have resolved a Javascript issue on the Pathways Wizard Programs step. 
  • 23682 - We fixed an issue that was preventing users from editing their scheduled reports. 
  • 24026 - We resolved an issue that would occasionally cause strange display issues on certain monitor resolutions on the public facing agents page. 
  • 25387 - We have updated one of the Funding Source State warning messages in the enrolment wizard, confirmation page so that it is not displayed if a Traineeship is present. 
  • 25444 - We have resolved an issue where some Party record fields were not appearing in standard templates. This was especially affecting party[visa], party[passport], party[address_list] and the party[phone_list] fields. 
  • 25573 - We have resolved an issue to prevent showing messages and documents in the Student Portal when the Hide Documents and Hide Messages preference has been set. 
  • 25615 – We have resolved an issue where Outcomes were not being automatically updated under the Progress Centre or Course Bulk Grading, based on the input subject score. 
  • 25796 - Fixed an issue where the Health Insurance Approved by Student question couldn’t be utilised for conditions on web forms. 
  • 26031 - We have resolved an issue on the VT Cloud dashboard where the Active Enrolment panel was including records from all providers and not the currently active provider. 
  • 26040 - We have resolved an issue where Visa information was not being displayed on Course Application records when multiple courses were applied for. 
  • 26144 - We have resolved some issues when configuring numbered lists and link configuration in Course Application, Accept Offer, Terms and Conditions configuration. We have also improved the rendering of those terms in the student portal when longer Terms and Conditions have been implemented. 
  • 26147 - We fixed an issue where Admin users with access levels 2 or 3, could not access bulk options from the Task List. Access to these bulk options is now controlled through the new Edit User File Notes system right. 
  • 26156 - We have resolved an issue where the offer process was not updating the course application status or enrolment status at points where it should. When creating an offer for a course application, the application status will be updated to offer_sent and when approving the enrolment the application status will be updated to Active. 
  • 26192 - We have resolved an issue where events were not showing up in the student portal when students were self enrolling into units. 
  • 26238 - We fixed an error that could occur when searching in the SEE-> Attendance Not Marked page 
  • 26290 - We fixed an issue where users were unable to navigate past the first page of queued deliveries for course level automations. 
  • 26293 - We have updated the naming of National Reporting (Australia) Outcome Types item 65 to “Transitional Gap Training” and updated sites with templates that referred to the old outcome name to use the new “Transitional Gap Training” reference (previously this may have stated QLD Superseded Qualification). 
  • 25995 - We have resolved an issue where students could have duplicate disability records after a user changes AVETMISS details in the Enrolment Wizard. This fix ensures that no duplicate values will be reported in any AVETMISS or Claims reporting data. 
  • 26420 – We have updated Vic reporting so that If the Commencing Program Cohort Identifier is empty, and the enrolment has a Commencement Date in 2023 or later, report the Commencing Program Cohort Identifier in the NAT130 file, as “NNNNNN”, instead of six spaces. 
  • 26263 - We have resolved an issue that was causing AVETMISS Reporting wizard to report warnings for records outside of the currently selected collection parameters. 
  • 26269 - Victorian Fee Exemption codes that are no longer valid from 2023 have been disabled to comply with the Victorian 2023 AVETMISS reporting changes. 
  • 26274 - We have resolved an issue in the AVETMISS/Claims Reporting wizard where the URL links in a CSV warning download file were missing the site subdomain and are now working as expected. 
  • 26278 - We have resolved an issue that caused an error for Custom Reports that were using the Qualification Issued Y/N, Qualification Issued and Statement Issued flags. 
  • 26340 - Students with a single name are now reported correctly in the Enrolment file in the WA RAPT claim export. 
  • 25214 - We have fixed an issue that was sometimes preventing you from invoicing additional fees through the Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page. 
  • 26381 - SMS messages were not appearing in the activity feed of the recipients party profiles when an SMS was sent. This has been fixed and will now appear in the Activity Feed. 
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