Release 2023.01

Release 2023.01  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • New Smart Fee Pricing Periods functionality 
  • Certificates enhancements 
  • QLD Tuition fee reporting improvements 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tuesday 7 February 2023 
  • Phase II: Tuesday 14 February 2023 



Smart Fees - Pricing Periods 

We have implemented a new reference data page for Smart Fee Pricing Periods. Smart Fees can now be configured to have a Pricing Period which is used to control price validity periods. 




Qld Tuition Fees 

We have updated the reporting of Tuition fees in Queensland to correctly report student co-contribution fees. This includes adding support for Smart Fees Tuition Fees. In cases where no Client Tuition Fees have been recorded these will be inherited from the Course Client Tuition Fee and allocated against the relevant units.  

We have updated the label on the Course pages for the “Course Fee” field, updating the name to Client Tuition Fee and adding an info icon to provide better information as to the intended purpose of these fields. 


Special considerations  

If you previously had a per unit value recorded in this field, you may need to update that to the course value. The Enrolment or Course value will be automatically attributed evenly to each eligible unit when generating the NAT120 file.  

If you are required to report a blank value (as opposed to 0) then ensure that the Course Tuition Fee and Enrolment Tuition Fee values have been set to blank (as opposed to the default value of 0). 


Generating Certificates 

We have improved the certificate recording process in the Progress Centre to allow users to specify additional certificate fields. Currently you can only enter these by editing the individual certificates after they have been created. 


New Certificate Merge fields for Letter Templates  

We have added Issued and Recorded Dates fields and TCSI Early Exit Award data fields on recorded Certificates as merge fields that can be used in a Certificate Template. 



Updating Delivery Mode / Predominant Delivery Mode when recording CT / RPL  results 

We have updated the behaviour when recording a Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning outcome so that the Delivery Mode and Predominant Delivery Mode are updated to the correct values when recording activity from the Enrolment->Edit Units page. This will also be the case when recording these results from other areas within the system, eg Mass Action Centre, Progress Centre and when Bulk Updating units from the Course page. 

  • When Outcome is blank 


  • When CT outcome was added 




Automatic SmartFees – Additional Fees 

For the Smart Fees Invoicing page on courses that use Automatic SmartFees, any fees added through the Create Invoice modal will now have “Fee manually added to invoice” text in it’s calculation bubble. 





  • 26481 - We have fixed an issue where the Course Commencement Date was incorrectly reported n the first run for that enrolment (Victorian AVETMISS only). The incorrect date on the first run was not ignoring units with a Credit Transfer or Not Yet Started outcome. 
  • 26765 - We have fixed an issue where a DebitSuccess payment plan could be stuck in the “Waiting for signature” status if the account template was deleted from the DebitSuccess side. 
  • 26818 - We have fixed an issue where the Accept All button on the Smart Fees Invoicing page for an enrolment could be clicked more than once. 
  • 25276 - We have fixed an issue where the Add Service button was not working on the Party > Health page. 
  • 26825 - Tasmanian AVETMISS reporting has been updated to correctly report the Date Program Completed with the state special value of ‘01019999’ when the Program Status Identifier field has certain incomplete values. 
  • 26724 - We have resolved an issue when attempting to download certificates generated in bulk when dismissing the hint text where the popup could not be dismissed from the screen. 
  • 26691 - We have resolved an issue that resulted in a 500 error when enrolling a student into a program and managing electives program with the Program field “Allow re-enrolment into Units enabled. 
  • 26030 - We have resolved an issue with the Subject Grade importer so the import will be prevented if there are any validation errors with the records to be imported. Previously you could proceed with the import if there were no errors on the first page but any errors on subsequent pages were not brought to the attention of the user. 
  • 25365 - When reporting eCAF clients, we now report middle name of a student separately to align with the new eCAF reporting standard. 
  • 25344 - We have improved the accuracy of the Search by Event from the Progress Centre->Attendance page. 
  • 25116 - We have implemented some improvements to the form builder so that deleting questions with associated questions those conditions will be deleted at the same time. 
  • 17900 - We have made an amendment that will disable the Pay Now button when an invoice has not been generated against a payment option.
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