User Guide is a powerful work OS that allows us to collaborate on your onboarding and track progress. It is an easy-to-use tool so no training is required to get started – but here are a few key items we will be using on as part of this project.


Board Basics 


A group is a color-coded section on the board that contains items (rows). Each group is used to group the organise and categorise the items. 


An item is a single row within a group on a board.  It usually consists of a single task within the project or task board. 


Subitems provide the board with a deeper structure by adding an extra layer of information within the items on your board. 


Columns are part of the foundation of the board.  

Updates section 

When you click any item, you will open its updates section. The updates section allows us to communicate, social media style, inside an item, keeping all the conversations about a specific task or project in the same place and in context. This can be used to centralise all communication related to an item as well as adding attachments. 


Person allocated to that task. This person is responsible for this task. 


Timeframe the task is expected to be completed in. 


Indicates status of the task. Key statuses include: StatusMeaningNotes
Client ActionClient is required to complete this task 
Working on itIn progress
Stuck Need assistance to resolve Please add comments and screenshots to give us context to the issue to help you resolve it
Done Complete – you did it!
Not startedNot startedThis is the default status for tasks

System Navigation Path

Where to navigate in the system to complete the task listed 


Indicates if an item is dependent on other item(s) to complete that task 


Board Views allow us to visualize your board's information in multiple ways (e.g. filtered actions, Gantt chart, or progress dashboard). 

The following views have been set up: 

  • Main table – default view for all project activities 
  • Client Actions – filtered items of all client actions 
  • Dashboard – visual representation of progress in project 
  • Gantt – timeline view of project status

Account Type

You are set up as a guest to interact with our project plans. For more information on getting started with your guest account, check their knowlege base article: Support - How to get started as a guest

For more information on, please check out the official knowledge base:

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