Process: Changing Rules on a Certificate Template

Certificate templates can have Rules set against them. Setting a Rule can prevent a certificate from being issued unless the student meets specific criteria. In this article, we will go over the process of changing a Rule to a certificate template.

Finding the Template

To find the certificate templates in your system, go to Communications → Templates → Student.

This will bring up all the student specific templates in your system (including certificate templates). Click on the desired template, then click on the Edit button.

Template Settings

The Rule for the template can be changed by clicking on the dropdown menu next to the the Rule field. 


The Rule field will only appear if the Category for the template is set to Certificate.

Select the Rule that you would like to apply to the certificate and click on the Update button. 

Creating a Certificate

Now when you use the template to generate a certificate, the selected Rule will be enforced. The only way to generate the certificate will be to ensure that the enrolment fulfills the requirements of the Rule. 

For example, if the certificate has the “All Units Completed & USI Verified” Rule, it cannot be used for an enrolment with incomplete units or an unverified USI.

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