Template Field Mappings - Party Records

The following is a list of available Template Fields for Party Record information.

abnParty ABNParty profile > Details 
Note: shows ABN listed on details page and not what is displayed in international settings
address_listFull Address list Party profile > Details page > Address
Note: only includes street number, Street name and suburb
contact_emailParty Primary EmailParty profile > Details 
contact_firstnameParty First nameParty profile > Details 
contact_methodPreffered Contact MethodParty profile > Details page > Admin
contact_nameParty Full nameParty profile > Details 
contact_phoneParty Primary phone numberParty profile > Details 
contact_surnameParty last nameParty profile > Details 
contact_titleParty titleParty profile > Details 
date_birthParty date of birthParty profile > Details 
drivers_licenceParty Drivers LicenseParty profile > Details 
email_addressesFull email address listParty profile > Details 
Note: does not state type of email (work/personal/etc)
faxParty fax numberParty profile > Details 
genderParty GenderParty profile > Details 
known_byParty Known by fieldParty profile > Details 
known_byduplicate known by fieldParty profile > Details 
letter_addressPrimary Party addressParty profile > Details 
login_tokenLogin Activation URLNote: Must be applied to the end of a URL in the following format:
nameParty Last name
num_of_employeesParty company profileCompany profile > Details
other_nameParty First name
party_identifierParty Identifier
passportParty Passport Number
password_reset_url_keyUnique Password reset url key{party[password_reset_url_key]}
Note: Must be applied to the end of a URL in the following format:
phone_numberslist of Party Phone numbersNote: Does not state type of number (Work/Mobile/etc)
postal_addressParty Address (Postal)Note: If there is multiple, will list first available in the list
presort_indicatorParty Primary AddressParty profile > Details
Note: Brings up the Presort Indicator for the Primary Address
primary_addressParty Primary Address Location, street number/name and suburbParty profile > Details 
Note: shows: Location, Street number, Street name and Suburb only
primary_address_countryParty Primary address CountryParty profile > Details
primary_address_locationParty Primary address LocationParty profile > Details
primary_address_post_codeParty Primary Address poscodeParty profile > Details
primary_address_stateParty Primary Address StateParty profile > Details
primary_address_street1Party Primary Address Street number/nameParty profile > Details
primary_address_suburbParty Primary Address SuburbParty profile > Details
primary_emailParty Primary Email addressParty profile > Details
primary_phoneParty Primary Phone numberParty profile > Details
primary_phone_locationParty Primary Address LocationParty profile > Details
Note: Location of Home, Work, Postal + Billing
primary_phone_typeParty Primary Phone typeParty profile > Details
Note: Type of Home, Work, Fax
student_portal_activation_linkGenerates a Student Portal activation link{party[student_portal_activation_link]}
Note: Will produce a link in the format of:


temporary_passwordCreates a temporary password{party[temporary_password]}
Note: Will only generate a temporary password if the party HAS NOT updated their password manually in the past. Otherwise, returns a blank field
titleParty Profile titleParty Profile > Details
unique_student_identifierPaty Profile USIParty Profile > Details
usernameParty Profile Login UsernameParty Profile > Details > Login Credentials
Note: Party login only - NOT user account login
visa_numbersParty Profile Visa numberParty profile > Details
Note: VISA number on details page - not the number found under Party > International
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