Release 2023.03

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre


Key Changes:

  • NEW: eCAF progressions
  • NEW: Smart Fee pricing periods
  • IMPROVED: Compliance and general product enhancements

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday 4 April 2023
  • Phase II: Wednesday 12 April 2023



eCAF Progressions

The eCAF Manager now allows you to manage eCAF Progressions for students using VET Student Loans. You will be prompted to create eCAF Progressions on the 3 trigger dates each year (1 February, 1 June and 1 October).

An eCAF will be moved to the status of “Progress Required” if the enrolment started more than 4 months ago and an eCAF Progression hasn’t been created since the last trigger date. eCAF’s with a status of Progression Required will appear under the red traffic light.


Description automatically generated

Once you create an eCAF Progression, the status will move to “Progression Outstanding” and will appear under the yellow traffic light to represent that the student needs to action the next step. Yellow also represents that the admin team may need to follow up the student.

If the student completes the eCAF Progression, then the eCAF will go back into the green traffic light until the next eCAF Progression trigger date.

If the eCAF Progression expires before the student actions it, then the eCAF will go back to the Progression Required (ie moves from yellow to red traffic light).



Smart Fees Pricing Periods

Smart Fees with a Pricing Period will be restricted to the filter configuration on the Pricing Period. You won’t be able to add the Smart Fee if its Pricing Period is not approved or if we are not within the Pricing Period effective dates.



The Pricing Period for a Smart Fee is now shown next to the fee name in the Smart Fees Invoicing page and the Enrolment Wizard.



We have added a Bulk Action for copying fees on the Smart Fees Library page.





User Permissions: Party > Compliance Page Access

We have released a new User Role permission that will control access to editing the Party > Compliance page for your Users.


API Updates: Outcome Updated Since and Before Parameters

We have added outcome_updated_since and outcome_updated_before parameters to the Enrolment Units API endpoint. This is to allow integration to retrieve all enrolled units resulted within a particular date/time period. Both outcome_updated_since and outcome_updated_before parameters are optional.

Course Filters on AVETMISS and Claims Reporting wizards

We have added a Course Filter section to the AVETMISS Extract and Claims Reporting Wizards. This allows you to apply Course filters.





Saving Course forms if no site email is configured

We have resolved an issue where emails cannot be sent from a Course Form submission if email has not been configured. In these cases the system will now use a system email service to push the message to the prospective student.

VSN Reporting – Single Name Students

We have made some improvements to better accommodate students with a single name for the VSN Export. You now only need to record a first name for a party with a single name, previously you needed to record both a first name and a surname.

Student Importer – Single Name Students

We have updated the Student Importer so that Surname is no longer mandatory to cater for importing students with only one name.

Forgot Password

We have improved the Forgot Password process to behave the same regardless of whether or not an account exists. This is a security improvement designed to help prevent an attacker from being able to confirm if an account exists in any given database.  

Party Application – Bulk email

We have addressed an issue preventing generation of emails from the Party Application page and also moved the email feature to the bulk menu for consistency with other parts of the system.


Forms – Citizenship and Disability fields

When using TCSI, parties created through forms are now automatically assigned a Citizenship Effective From Date when a Citizenship Status was selected on the form are automatically assigned Disability Start Dates when Disability Types are selected on the form.


Browser recognition

We have made our site activity a little bit clearer by distinguishing between some of the larger Chromium based browsers.


Bulk Unit Grading

The “Apply Outcome & Assessment Date” bulk action on the Bulk Unit Grading page has been renamed to “Apply Outcome & End Date” to better reflect the purpose of this bulk action.



Support for multi-search in bulk enrolment wizard

We have added CSV and multi-line search for party identifiers to the bulk enrolment wizard and updated the process to cater for bulk selection of parties. 



AVETMISS – Non-reportable outcomes

The AVETMISS reporting has been improved to ensure that when units have a Non-Reportable outcome and the unit is not in the NAT120 or NAT130 file that other files such as the NAT30, NAT60 or NAT80 could have records that were missing from both the NAT120 and NAT130. This is to satisfy reporting compliance requirements for customers using Non-Reportable outcomes.

Finance Hub

The “Debtor (Target)” filter on the Finance Hub → Invoice tab has extra options now for Agent and Prospect. We have also changed the logic for the “Debtor (Target)” filter, previously it would only check the first invoice item’s target. The new logic for this filter checks the role of the Party that was invoiced and will work correctly for any type of Payment Option that was used to generate the invoice items.

First Attendance – Credit Transfer unit/s interaction

We have extended our First Attendance functionality to automatically update Credit Transfer unit dates that have been set prior to the Course Commencement Date. This ensures Credit Transfer units do not have activity dates earlier than CCD reported in NAT files, which will avoid AVEMITSS validation error.

Automatic SmartFees

Automatic SmartFees has been improved so it will now suggest updates to fees when the amount hasn’t changed but the modifiers on the fee have changed. When accepting one of these new suggestions, it will simply update the calculation bubble for the fee without updating the fee amount.


Smart Fees – Create Invoice Modal

The Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page can now be used to create invoices of positive and negative fee adjustments. Previously, it was only possible to create Credit Notes for fee adjustments and there were strict rules to ensure all fees on the Credit Note had a negative amount and they all related to the same original invoice. These rules have now been relaxed when creating an invoice with a grand total of $0 or higher.

Course Commenced While At School

We have added the Course Commenced While at School field to the Out of State section for enrolments with a secondary state of Victoria.




26482 - FIXED: We’ve made some changes to the Enrolment Details on various pages within Plus to include the “Course Commencement Date” and “Brand” to make the data consistent on all relevant pages.

27110 - FIXED: The User / System column within the Audit Trail now populates with the User when performing Bulk Import tasks.

26821 – FIXED: Resolved an issue with Message Media incoming message notification not displaying.

26843 - FIXED: Using the Copy Course function now copies the exact Course Dates of the original Course Record.

26339 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue that could result in duplicate messages from the Communication Centre if the Send command was clicked more than once.

22868 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue with columns not being rearranged correctly when moving columns in the MAC.

24337 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue where some menu items were appearing incorrectly on some pages for users in the Curriculum role.

27584 - FIXED: When reporting a unit in AVETMISS that has an outcome of RPL, RCC or credit transfer, that was completed in a subsequent year and therefore is being reported with an outcome of 70 (continuing), it will now report the enrolment’s delivery mode instead of reporting the delivery mode as “NNN”.

27370 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue in the Student Portal when attempting to view the payment details from the payment list. When applicable this link will now show the payment information.

26716 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue when creating Programs with Academic Periods, now only Academic Periods selected by the user will be added to the Program.

26184 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue in the Report Builder when using a filter on the Student Unit Status: Outcome Code field was not being saved with the custom report.

23559 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue on the Prospect Wizard where the Referring Agent Employer field was not being retained when navigating between steps in the New Referral wizard.

23958 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue that would cause the report builder to filter by a check-in's database ID rather than its status when using the Support Service Check-in: Status field.

23063 – FIXED: We fixed an issue that would cause the Academic Details Report (Standard Report) to error 500 when a general or course filter isn't specified.

23943 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue with the Standard Report - Trainer Details where it could be generated in a PDF or Spreadsheet but not on screen. 

27520 – FIXED: We have updated the Standard Report - Student Progress to exclude units from the commenced column that have outcomes of 85 and 99.

26953 - FIXED: We have improved the Top Courses standard report so that the Enrolment Start and End Date filter will include enrolments with dates that overlap the filter date range. Previously it only included enrolments that were entirely within the filter date range. 

22050 – FIXED: We have made a minor change to our Paypal integration, regarding error messages that will now show better error descriptions where they can instead of “No token passed”.

22517 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue where Course Application page was not showing in the correct format when navigating between pages.

23582 - FIXED: We fixed an error 500 message that could appear when trying to filter Employer on the Workforce Planner search in the Company portal.

23779 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue where units were unable to be superseded from the Program Unit page.

23873 – FIXED: We have resolved an error that could occur when saving unit filters on the Course Units page.

23972 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue that prevented the Welcome message from appearing on the new Dashboard when users logged into the Company Portal.

24097 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue where clicking Create multiple times, on the Course Create page, could cause multiple courses to be created with the same Course Number.

24099 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue that was causing disabled enrolment statuses to appear as options when bulk editing students at the course level.

24939 – FIXED: Fixed an issue where hitting the Enter key while searching for subjects in the Program Wizard, was having the behaviour of redirecting to the Programs page.

26234 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue on the Community->Staff page where you were unable to navigate to subsequent pages when the Select All had been chosen.

26266 – FIXED: We have removed the mandatory behaviour of the Days Payment Due field when setting up new Payment Options on a Course. When the value is not provided on a Course Payment option the Due Days will be inherited from the Global Preference value.

26710 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue that could prevent Requirements being removed from a Course when they did not exist in the Program.

26723 – FIXED: We have resolved an issue when sorting by the Enabled field on the Program-> Units page that would result in an error message.

27081 - Fixed: We have fixed an issue on the Party Invoice page and Finance Hub where credit notes were appearing incorrectly with an amount outstanding. The balance for the Party was appearing correctly, but the individual Credit Notes were showing the wrong outstanding amount.

27255 FIXED: We have resolved an issue where the existing Disability Types were not being pre-populated in Course, Group or Feedback Forms associated with that student, when the student is logged in.

27289 FIXED: We have resolved an issue that will now allow you to save a filter when in the Community->Alumni page.

27368 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue that could result in Qualifications being created for non selected records in the Progress Centre in cases where there were multiple pages of student search results.

27437 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue where users were unable to select students to issue Credly Digital credentials from the Progress Centre.

21489 - FIXED: Updated the spelling on the {event.attendance_marked} merge field to the correct spelling. Note for anyone using with the old spelling, these will continue to work.

21508 – FIXED: We fixed a problem causing the login page to redirect users to an incorrect page from editing a form.

22385 - FIXED: We fixed an issue where certificates could sometimes be affected by Letters and Forms Output when the user these pages open at the same time.

22895 – FIXED: We fixed some issues with the validation of the TAFE Outcomes Importer.

22914 – FIXED: We have fixed the loading display issue in Services > Marketplace page.

26828 - FIXED: We have resolved some issues with the student importer so that QLD LUI numbers and Employers can now be imported for Prospects and Enrolments.

26839 - Fixed: We have fixed an issue when creating a referral via the employer portal where it wasn’t possible to enter an email address for the party record.

27144 – Fixed: When exporting Credit Notes to Xero, Line Items with negative amounts will now be exported accurately.

27197 -  Fixed: We have resolved an issue where events linked to a course multiple times could not be removed from the course without deleting all of the links assigned to that event, you can now remove a single link.

27254 – FIXED: We have updated the behaviour of the VET in School Flag on Course Forms - the default option of selecting Not Stated has been removed meaning that students must provide an answer to the question.

27271 - FIXED: We have implemented some improvements to reduce the incidence of 1c rounding errors when preparing invoices.

27456 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue with the Agent Portal when adding a referral where the course list could fail when there were multiple course pages.

27550 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue where the Start Time and End Time fields were not honouring Time Zones on saving course records.

26339 - FIXED: We have resolved an issue that could result in duplicate messages being sent from the Communication Centre if the Send command was clicked more than once.

24446 - FIXED: We have removed the Funding Source National model validation from Courses and replaced that with a new AVETMISS Warning available in the Enrolment, Bulk Enrolment, Transfer and Offer wizards, AVETMISS Generations and show enrolment areas. We expect this will prevent some issues we have seen when submitting enrolments through course forms in cases where Funding Source National was not specified on the course.

25875 - We have fixed an issue with Automatic SmartFees where an already invoiced fee could incorrectly have a status of “Can not create credit note larger than Invoiced Smart Fee Item” instead of “Invoiced”.

27499 - We have fixed an issue where the outcome dropdown were incorrectly disabled on the Bulk Unit Grading page when there was no default outcome on the associated course.

27392 - We have fixed an issue with the Out of State claims reporting for funding contracts with a secondary state of Victoria. These contracts will now appear correctly in the list on the Claims Reporting Wizard and will only be marked as claimed when performing the claiming for the “Primary” state.


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