Release 2023.04

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Key Changes

  • AVETMISS validation warnings for improved reporting accuracy
  • eCAF improvements (eCAF Manager and student portal)
  • Smart Fee pricing periods

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday 2 May 2023
  • Phase II: Tuesday 9 May 2023



Predominant Delivery Mode
New AVETMISS warnings have been added when the Predominant Delivery Mode is not valid for the selected Delivery Mode.

Victorian Funding Source - Z20
When saving a current VIC enrolment with a Z20 funding source, if the VET In Schools flag is off, or the Course Commenced While At School flag or the party’s At School flag is not Yes, you will now be prompted whether you wish these to be updated to correctly report that the student is at school.

When a VIC enrolment has a Z20 funding source, AVETMISS warnings will now show if the VET In Schools flag is off, or the Commenced While At School flag or the party’s At School flag is not Yes.

Victorian Contracts – Unit Level
We have removed the ability to assign contract values at the Unit Level for Victorian courses.

Prior Education Achievement Recognition Identifier
There is a new Compliance reference data page for Prior Education Achievement Recognition Identifier. This allows you to configure the options and default value for this field that is used for Victorian AVETMISS reporting for the Prior Education student data. We recommend you disable the blank option because it is invalid in Victoria to report a blank code.

Smart Fees Invoicing – Credit Notes
We have added validation on the page Smart Fees Invoicing that when a Credit Note is created, it can only be applied to the same Invoice Target as to which the original invoice was created against.

eCAF Manager – Missing Status
We recently made a change to the eCAF Manager so it shows all students in VSL courses without an eCAF. These student enrolments had a status of “Missing” and the intention was to make it easy to see who doesn’t have an eCAF so they can be created. We have had some feedback that there are too many enrolments in the “Missing” bucket, so we now only include students in the eCAF Manager who have a VSL deferral of more than $0. This change is only for “Missing” eCAF records. If a student has an eCAF and the deferral is $0 they will still appear in the eCAF Manager.

Enrolment Payment Options
The Enrolment Details > Claims/Funding page has been updated to show any Payment Options that have been disabled with “[DISABLED]” label appended to ensure it’s clear if any Payment Options have been disabled for the enrolment.

eCAF Progressions
You can now view eCAF Progression history from the Party enrolment details page under the VFH/VSL tab. There is also a button on this view to create a new progression for the student.

Student Portal – eCAF Alert
The Student Portal dashboard will now display a warning for any student with an outstanding eCAF application or progression for a VET Student Loan.

Smart Fee Pricing Periods
Smart Fee Pricing Periods will now be applied as filters when adding additional Smart Fees to an existing enrolment on the Smart Fees Invoicing page.

Smart Fee Pricing Period filtering has now been implemented for Unit category smart fees.

Audit Trail – Payment Plans
Audit Trail page has been improved so that it expects the normal Party ID and Invoice Number when searching for Party Payment Plan audit records.

Smart Fees Library – Bulk Updates
Bulk updates are now possible for a number of new fields on the Smart Fees Library page.

Permissions: Edit Access to Enrolment > Trainee/Apprenticeship attributes
We have added a new User Role permission to control whether users can edit the Trainee/Apprenticeship tab against an enrolment.

Report Builder: AVETMISS > Prior Education Recognition Identifier
We have added the Victorian specific Prior Educational Achievement Recognition Identifier as a reportable and filterable field in the Report Builder in the Party->AVETMISS node. 

We have also added to the Prior Education field in the Report Builder to include the corresponding Prior Educational Achievement Recognition Identifier in brackets after the name.

View button on List pages
We’ve noticed on some list pages that there is no View button available to access a record. This button is now available on the following list pages:

  • Enrolment
  • Courses 
  • Companies 
  • Host Family 
  • Alumni

MFA Inactivity Timeout
If you have Multi Factor Authentication turned on, it will now prompt you for this extra layer of security authentication every time you log in (including after an automatic session timeout). Previously, Multi Factor Authentication would only expire after 7 days.

Print Status when Preparing a Qualification
We have implemented the “Printed” status functionality for non-reportable certificates, when preparing a certificate from the Course or the Progress Centre, so that users will know at the time of preparing a Qualification if that template had been previously used on that Course.

Progress Centre


Deleting Disabilities on Party records
For TCSI users, we have made some improvements to the way disabilities work in the Compliance->AVETMISS page. We have added a Delete button so that Disabilities added in error can be deleted. Note this is different behaviour compared to reporting a Disability that no longer applies to a student, where you specify a Disability end date. This new Delete button will remove the disability record completely and if need be submit a deletion to TCSI as well.

Bulk enrolment - Search for multiple parties
A change was made to the course bulk enrolment search field. This caused issues while searching and the behaviour has been reverted back to a normal text field.

Search by Name 

Search by Phone Number 

Search by Email 

API: Attendee 
We have added arrived-at-datetime and left-at-datetime to the Attendee endpoint.


27435 - We have fixed an issue with Automatic SmartFees that occurred when accepting a suggestion to remove a fee that it would no longer update the associated calculation properly.

27846 - We have fixed an issue with the AVETMISS merge logic to handle the scenario where a USI is removed from a Party record.

27690 - We have fixed an issue where an eCAF could be created under the wrong Training Provider in some scenarios where the user creating it has access to multiple Training Providers.

27328 - We have fixed an issue with Automatic SmartFees where the calculation bubble could show more than one link unexpectedly in some scenarios.

27381 - We have fixed an issue with the Unit Elective page where the default outcome was not being set correctly on electives being added in some scenarios.

25460 - We have fixed an issue with the Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page when attempting to invoice Smart Fees with a Frequency of anything other than “Once”. We have ensured that the Create Invoice modal will now only use the items selected with the full expected amounts (Frequency settings will be ignored when creating an invoice through the Create Invoice modal).

27829 - We have fixed an issue with the Claims Report that applies a Course Commencement Date for Units with Blank outcomes.

27796 - We've adjusted the eCAF sync background job to run every hour instead two.

27771 - We've fixed an issue where previously reported duplicate records were not being removed when duplicate criteria were no longer being met within the Manage Conflicts tool

25417 - Course Application records that have no status applied will now appear in the Course Application List Results.

27870 - Fixed an issue with Prospects that prohibited saving the record due to no Partner recorded against the record

26830 - We’ve updated the Grade > Units Wizard to notify users entering an End Date prior to the Start Date to prevent updating Units with incorrect Unit Date values.

25178 - Fixed an issue when nominating a Party as the Additional Email Recipient when composing a new email.

24961 - Validations for the Trainee/Apprenticeship tab were not displaying within the Transfer Wizard. This has been fixed and will now display validation prompts and notifications when proceeding through the Transfer Wizard.

27857 - A change was made to the course bulk enrolment search field. This caused issues while searching and the behaviour has been temporarily reverted back to a normal text field.

26831 - Fixed an issue where the USI verified status was not being updated after a student import.

27649 - Fixed filtering by Subject Outcome on the Progress Centre.

27454 - We have resolved an issue on adding enrolments where the Brand value of the course may not be inherited by new enrolments if the Enrolment step if the wizard has been skipped.

27832 - We have resolved an issue with the Report Builder when reporting File Note fields in conjunction with any Student fields combined would result in an error.

27785 - We have resolved an issue that could occur when editing a party when the Save button had been selected multiple times.

27697 - We have resolved an issue that prevented students making a payment via the student portal in some cases.

27469 - We have resolved an issue where Payment options as an additional payment could be applied incorrectly when using the Enrolment Wizard by navigating randomly through the wizard.

24935 - Resolved an issue where Kanban columns that were only linked with a single Course Application Status, were being prevented from updating applications.

24896 - We have resolved an issue when adding multiple units of study with an academic period to an enrolment via the MAC where only the first unit of study was being assigned to those enrolments.

21343 - We have resolved an issue with the API when multiple countries were listed in the Reference Data Country List with different identifiers.

21343 - We also fixed an issue where some fields could be updated to disabled values using the API.

20728 - We have fixed an issue on email attachments that were not showing in Student’s Email History (Party > Email > History) & in Email Queue (Admin > Audit/Logs > Email Queue) when the bulk emails is sent via Enrolment list page.

23416 - We have removed Invoice Amount Outstanding and Invoice Item Amount Outstanding from the list of filterable fields in the report writer for performance reasons.

27745 - We have resolved an issue when using Bulk Email or Bulk SMS from the Community ->Staff page. This will now message all selected parties regardless of search page selected.

27724 - We have resolved an issue that could occur when creating certificates from the Progress Centre when applying a filter to that page where it would require the previously completed steps in that wizard to be completed again.

27970 - We have resolved an issue with the SEE Activity Training Schedule where saved time would not reflect the time entered by the user.

27688 - We have resolved an issue in the Employer Portal when sorting in the Referral Wizard, page will now load as expected.

27060 - We have updated the Party Merge feature in the Duplicate Manager to make error messages more readable and actionable.



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