QLD - Changing Purchasing Contract for New Financial Year

Queensland state reporting makes use of yearly reporting contracts, meaning any study that continues beyond a single financial year will require an update to their details once that period is reached. In this article, we will go over how to do this and why it is necessary.


Why Do I Need To Do This?

Queensland state reporting requires that any students that are to continue their studies into the next financial year have an updated reporting contract for their enrolments that reflects the current financial year of study. This is used to identify which student enrolments are ongoing and having a relevant reporting contract that reflect the current year of study.

The units from the previous financial year must remain on the contract for that year, while any newly marked units must be under the new contract with new details for the financial year. 

 External Resource

For more information, refer to the following resource on Queensland state reporting 

Changing The Contract

To change the contract for the new financial year, you will need to create a new contract with the new details entered. This can be done by going to Administration → Funding → Contracts. 

Click on the New button to create a new contract. You will need to enter the new details for the financial year, such as the Code and Purchasing Schedule Identifier.

Then, you will need to go to each enrolment and attach the new contract. It is important to ensure that the units that already have outcomes from the previous financial year remain on the previous contract. 

After the new contract has been applied to the enrolment, any units that receive an outcome from now on will have the new contract applied. 

Go to the enrolment and click on the Edit button, then click on the Claims/Funding tab. 

You can change the enrolment contract by using the dropdown menu, click on the Save button once you have selected the new contract. 

This will ensure the units that get an outcome applied are automatically assigned under the new contract, and that the units from the previous year remain on the same contract.

Manually Changing Contract For Individual Units

If you need to update the contract at the unit level, go to Enrolment → Units and click on the Edit button. 

Click on the Advanced button and you should see a field that will allow you to change the contract for that unit. 

We acknowledge that this process might be a bit confusing, but rest assured that our Support team is readily available to assist you should you encounter any difficulties.

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