Update Competent Unit Status Across Enrolments

Are you tired of manually updating the competency status of your units across multiple enrolments? Our system offers a feature that automatically updates the status of a unit across all enrolments for a student. In this article, we will detail how this feature works.


What Is This Feature?

The Updating Competent Unit Status Across Enrolments feature can be activated in your student management system. This will automatically assign Credit Transfer outcomes to units that have been marked as Competent across enrolments, the Start and End dates will also be transferred.

Activating The Feature

To activate this feature, simply reach out to our Support or your Customer Success Manager. There is no charge associated with this feature.

How Does It Work?

When a unit in an enrolment is marked as Competent, the system will search for that unit in the student's other enrolments. If the unit exists in another enrolment, it will automatically be marked with a Credit Transfer outcome, and the Start and End dates will be transferred as well.

This feature will also apply during the enrolment process. When you go to the Outcomes page of the enrolment wizard, any units from the student's existing enrolments that are marked as Competent will have the Credit Transfer outcome applied automatically.

This can be great for re-enrolling students who have already completed units and are enrolling in another course. Additionally, it streamlines the enrolment process by reducing the need for manual administrative work.


This feature can overwrite existing unit data if you are not careful.

If the unit is found in another enrolment but does not have a Competent outcome, the Start and End dates will be overwritten with the ones from the competent unit. 

This unit data sometimes needs to be preserved for certain reporting bodies, so please use this feature with caution.

Exceptions To Be Aware Of

There are a few exceptions to this feature that you need to be aware of. The unit status will not be transferred if:

  • The other enrolment has a status that is not set as an active status. Enrolment statuses can be configured from Administration → Lookups → Reference Data → Enrolment Status.
  • If the unit in the other enrolment already has a competent outcome. 
  • If the other enrolment has an end date in the past. 

If any of these are true, the unit information will not be transferred.

Manually Excluding Units From This Feature

If there are any units that you would rather not use this feature for, an option exists to exclude them. 

Simply go to Administration → Curriculum → Units and find the unit you want to exclude. 

Click on the Edit button and choose the Disable Auto Credit Transfer Recognition checkbox. 

This will effectively remove the unit from being used with this feature.


If you are interested in using this feature, please contact the ReadyTech Support Team and request for this feature to be enabled.

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