Release 2023.06

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Key Changes

  • AVETMISS and TCSI reporting improvements
  • User permissions updates
  • Extended Certificates functionality 

Planned Release Dates

  • Phase I: Tuesday, 27 June 2023
  • Phase II: Tuesday, 4 July 2023



Out Of State Contracts
We have now restricted Contracts so that the 'Secondary Reporting State' can only be Victoria. Our understanding is that only Victoria requires AVETMISS reporting of 'activity' as a secondary state to the primary state (eg. NSW) that is providing the funding.

VETiS – VET in Schools
The labels 'VETiS' and 'VET in Schools' have been renamed to 'VETDSS' (VET Delivered to Secondary Students) across the system. We are aware of some variations of the acronym in use (eg. VETDSSS or VETDfSS) and have decided to go with the shorter and more popular version 'VETDSS'.

Note: The API parameter for 'vet-in-schools' has not been changed.

Bulk Update Attendance
We have implemented the 'Set Unit Outcome' and 'Start Date' on 'First Attendance' functionality when using the 'Bulk Update' attendance buttons on the Attendance page.

Smart Fees Pricing Period
On the 'Payment' step of the enrolment wizard, when we are searching for smart fees to add, the filtering logic now takes into account the min and max enrolment start date values of the pricing period attached to that smart fee (if it has any).

eCAF Manager
The eCAF integration will now detect changes to eCAF records that have been marked as 'Processed' in the eCAF Portal. By default, the eCAF API will ignore any records that have been marked as 'Processed' unless we specify that we want to include them.

We have improved the eCAF Manager page so that the 'Last Run' indicator in the top right will now also alert users if the last eCAF sync job had an error. This is intended to be helpful for scenarios such as when your eCAF API credentials have expired.

Progression Level Types
We have implemented a new reference data page for Progression Level Types. This allows you to configure the terminology for your Progression Levels.

Outcome Types
The 'Subject Outcome' filter in the Subjects tab of the Progress Centre now only lists outcomes that are configured as applying to Units of Study.

VSL/FEE-HELP Eligibility
VSL/FEE-HELP eligibility rules have been updated to no longer require a 'Fee Type' to be entered. Some references to 'VFH' on the party VSL/FEE-HELP page have been removed.

Fee-Help Capability
The following setting on the Fee-Help Reporting section of the RTO Preferences show and edit page have been removed as that functionality is no longer used by the system:

[For full Fee-paying student, the Loan Fee will be reported as 0 and For international fee-paying student, Total amount charged & Amount paid up front will be reported as 0]. 
This change does not impact Fee-Help reporting. No further action is required by end users.

TCSI Integration
The TCSI Sync modal now shows all integration logs for the record, and detailed information about log entries is now available on this modal.

User Permissions
We’ve introduced a bunch of permission updates that will allow you to manage a level of control for each User Role within your system.

These new permissions include:

  • Community > Alumni:
    • This permission will allow users access to the Community > Alumni page.

  • Party > Certificates:
    • This permission removes the 'Create Certificate' button and record controls from the Party > Certificates page, providing a read-only view when someone accesses this page.

  • Program > Automations:
    • We’ve introduced a series of permissions that allows you to manage access to the following functions within the Program > Automations page:
      • Create Program Automation
      • View Program Automation
      • Edit Program Automation
      • Delete Program Automation
      • Allow access to all Course Automation page functions

  • Course > Automations:
    • We’ve introduced a series of permissions that allows you to manage access to the following functions within the Course > Automations page:
      • Create Course Automation
      • View Course Automation
      • Edit Course Automation
      • Delete Course Automation
      • Allow access to all Course Automation page functions

  • Course Event Series:
    • We’ve introduced a series of permissions that allows you to manage access to the following functions within the Course > Event Series page:
      • Create Event Series
      • View Event Series
      • Edit Event Series
      • Delete Course Automation
      • Allow access to all Course Automation page functions

  • Trainer Lookup:
    • This permission allows control for your Staff members when looking up a Trainer when assigning the staff member to a record (I.e. Feedback Forms).

  • Mass Action Centre (MAC):
    • We’ve introduced a new permission that controls which users are allowed to access MAC. Previously this feature could be accessed by all Administrator Users within JR Plus.

Enrolment API: Traineeship Flag
We’ve updated the Enrolment API to return the Traineeship Flag as 'TRUE' when there is one or more traineeships associated with a Student’s record.

Custom URLs
We have introduced a new custom field type of HTML, which will allow for hyperlinks to be added to the party and enrolment screens. An optional link text can be displayed by saving the custom field in the format of 'URL, Text'.

Course numbers display on multi-linked course forms
We have updated the course form settings page to display the course number when multiple courses are linked.

Program Status Identifier
We have automated the updating of the Program Status Identifier for Victorian and Tasmanian enrolments when generating a Reportable Certificate or Statement of Attainment. When the certificate is recorded with an 'Issue Date', we will update the Program Status Identifier to 'Program Completed (Issued)', or if there is no 'Issue Date' the Program Status Identifier will be updated to 'Program Completed (not issued)'. This applies regardless of whether the Certificate is created from the Party, Course, Progress Centre, Program Automate or API.

  • Issue Date has Value 

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  • Issue Date Does not have value 

Inserting image...

Student Portal
We have added the 'Expiry Date' field to the Certificate List page in the Student Portal which will be displayed when a student has a certificate that has an 'Expiry Date'.

Trainer Permissions / System Rights
In release 5 we updated some trainer permissions to restore them to their intended behaviour. This resulted some users being unable to access records that they were previously accustomed to. In this release we have added new system rights to give users the option to reinstate the former access.

We have added a new System Right, on the 'Access all Staff' Role to allow Trainers to view Party Records for Contacts or an Employer of one of their trainees. 

We have added a new System Role for 'trainers - access_to_all_parties' that can be enabled in the Administration > Security area. This will enable anyone with that role to access any party record (excluding Agents and Host Families).

We have resolved an issue with the '/webservice/enrolments/{enrolment_identifier}/transfers' API endpoint so that transfers now work as expected.

Claims Reporting

We have made some changes on the back end that should lower the amount of time it takes reports to generate.


25965 - We have fixed an issue where Smart Fees with a disabled invoice trigger would appear as 'Pending fees' that could be invoiced. This has been changed so they now show with a 'Disabled' status and are not listed in the Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page.

28413 - We have fixed an issue where Smart Fees (with a Pricing Period) were incorrectly not showing in the drop down on the Party > Invoice page.

26967 - We have fixed an issue on the Smart Fees Invoicing page where fees could be duplicated by clicking the 'Accept All' and 'Add' buttons at the same time.

24299 - We have removed the 'Number of days before first instalment' field from the DebitSuccess integration config page. This field was unused and has been removed to prevent confusion.

27792 - We have fixed an issue where TCSI integration could fail to sync an enrolment where the party has SA-HELP and the enrolment has a blank Student Status.

28569 - Some scenarios that could cause TCSI sync batches to be stuck in 'Enqueued' status when they are completed has been fixed.

26849 - We've cleaned up an issue relating to how Course Application permissions interact with other system permissions.

28371 - We identified an interaction where you can add a 'Disabled Staff Record' as an Event Supporting Staff via the API. This has been removed and only Active Staff members can be assigned to as an Event Supporting Staff.

27698 - We've fixed a bug that caused duplication of disability information captured within the Party > AVETMISS page.

27840 - We fixed an issue where the Administration menu was disappearing when certain permissions were assigned to a User.

28473 - A fix has been applied to the Supporting Staff API that allowed recording Supporting Staff to an Event when 'Enable Supporting Staff on Events' is disabled.

23455 - Disabled Templates were being displayed within the 'Add Form' page when creating a Document Pack. This has been adjusted to only display Enabled Templates within the system.

28190 - We have resolved an issue that linked to an invalid page on the Party > Employers page.

28307 - An issue that can cause a '500 error' when generating certificates has been fixed.

28383 - Certificates created via Automate will now always have a 'created by' user of '', and an Issued Date of the date the certificate was created.

28549 - The Certificate List page in the Student Portal will now show non-Reportable certificates, and no longer shows any revoked certificates.

28506 - We have resolved some issues with the Prospect Kanban board where users were unable to assign a status or assignee whilst in Kanban view.

28424 - We have resolved an issue that prevented Employers updating phone numbers in the Employer Portal, Profile Update page.

25564 - We have resolved an issue with the Qld Claim Importer so that when the setting Import Payments with warning is selected, that will override any existing payment assigned to the invoice.

28205 - We have resolved an interface issue when updating results in the Progress Centre where the display would not work correctly.

28075 - We have resolved an issue on the Program creation wizard where uploaded images were not being saved with the new Program.

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