Scheduling Reports to Run Automatically

The report scheduling feature allows you to set up reports to run automatically at specified times and frequencies. This enables you to automate report generation and delivery, ensuring that you receive up-to-date information without manual intervention. This article will go over setting this up for an existing report. 


Enabling Report Scheduling

To enable scheduling for a report, follow these steps:

Navigate to the desired report and click on the Edit button.

Locate and click on the Schedule icon within the report editing interface. Enable the scheduling feature by toggling the corresponding option.

Configuring Report Schedule

After enabling scheduling for a report, you can configure the frequency at which the report will be generated. The following options are available for each category:


  • Every hour: The report will run every hour.
  • Every n hours: Specify the desired number of hours, and the report will run after that specified interval.
  • Each selected hour: Choose specific hours of the day when the report will run.

Day of Month

  • Every day: The report will run every day.
  • Each selected day: Choose specific days of the month when the report will run.


  • Every month: The report will run every month.
  • Each selected month: Choose specific months when the report will run.

Day of week:

  • Every day of the week: The report will run every day of the week.
  • Each selected day of the week: Choose specific days of the week when the report will run.

You can select one option under each category for each report. Mixing and matching options allows for flexible scheduling configurations.

Once you have set up the desired schedule for the report, make sure to save the changes to enable the scheduling. Click on the Save button to store the schedule settings.

Accessing Generated Reports

There are two ways to access reports that have been generated through scheduling:

  • Go to Reports → Report Builder → Report Templates. Click on the desired report template, and you will see a list of reports under History that have been generated based on the schedule.
  • Go to Administration → Audit/Logs → Batch Log. In the batch log, reports generated through scheduling will have the type of 'Report Schedule'.

Email Recipients

You can specify email recipients to whom the generated reports will be sent.

Click on the designated Input Email Recipients field, type in the email addresses of the recipients and press Space, Comma, or Enter after each email address to separate multiple recipients.

Once the report runs according to the schedule, it will be automatically sent to the specified email addresses.

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